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Author Topic: Greedy Girls afternoon party - St Neots  (Read 1394 times)

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Offline happyharry

Date: 4th Feb, 12.30 - 2.30

Venue: Swingers Club near to St Neots. Located on a farm where there are other light industrial activities who obviously know what goes on. Adequate parking in the farm yard. Plenty of public and play areas. Showers, towels provided, as were light refreshments, beers, fizz, and soft drinks. individual lockers to keep your clothes and possessions safe

Cost: £60 for two hours

Attending: I would guess around 40 guys and around 10-12 girls (but I didn't do a head count). Most of the girls were good lookers, in their 20/30's with two or three older milfs. No complaints about the girls, or their attitude

I arrived about 12.20 by which time most of the girls and male guests were in the communal area having a drink and basically hanging around waiting for the action to start. At around 12.35 one of the organisers announced the "agenda". Kicking off with all of the girls in the centre of the communal area for a bukkake session. As far as I could see all of the oral was "without". With around 40 guys present I expected this to end up as a rugby scrum but it all seemed very civilised, some girls servicing 2 or 3 guys at the same time, and some guys happy to sit back and watch (maybe saving themselves for later ?). Now, I have to admit that bukkake is not really my thing but a black girl, with a great figure, (don't ask me her name) changed that. Sublime blow job. On her knees, hands behind her back, so her mouth did all the work, and plenty of eye contact. I shot my lot all over her face within about 5 minutes. After about 30 minutes, there were plenty of unoccupied girls looking for more dicks to suck - but no more takers. Time for a break.

Part two was announced as a gang bang. This took place in the numerous "play rooms". Plenty of spit roasting, some more great oral with a CIM which just about finished my day.

On the down side, thee were quite a few guys looking for some action,  and they maybe critical about this. All that I can say is that to get a great venue, 10 -12 enthusiastic girls, free nibbles and drinks, all for £60 quid looks an absolute bargain compared to those sharksters at Cambridge Parties who charge £220 for 3 hours, and you still end up in a rugby scrum

The organisers said they will be back. So will I

Offline Owwhatanight

Now that's what you call a VFM party
Nice easy read review HH   :drinks:

Offline big-paul-86

sounds like aparty i need to get invited too :thumbsup:

Offline vt

Sounds like a lot of sausage...but VFM all the same!

Offline itk

I need to move nearer the Midlands. :thumbsdown:

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