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Author Topic: 24 carat escorts Alyna  (Read 4812 times)

has anyone had any dealings with this agency, gonna book some time with her this weekend....

Offline Wayang

If you have already decided to book this escort I am not certain why at this stage any information on the agency would be of any use.
Just remember the WG only gets about 66 percent of what you pay the agency pimps.

the reason i ask is becaue with it being only tuesday there is plenty of time to hear peoples expriences....

66% bloody hell thats rotten

Offline Wayang

has anyone had any dealings with this agency, gonna book some time with her this weekend....

Do you mean 'thinking of?' Or "I have decided to...'

ok thinking of, but out of the whole agency she is the one i have DECIDED to THINK about booking

i could surely decide to go to tahiti for a holiday only to hear that all of people had a crap time  thus making me re think

Offline Wayang

ok thinking of, but out of the whole agency she is the one i have DECIDED to THINK about booking

Clarification appreciated!!!!

Offline oinki

Same agency as http://www.playful-escorts.co.uk/ I believe, same prices, same layout, some (if not all) girls being same.

A review just googling: http://www.auto-censored.com/forum/index.php/topic/18600-experience-with-playful-escort-in-central-london/ (old review though)

Another review (but dont actually think he went through with it, but just made a review on the person answering?): https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=6883.msg101022#msg101022

Been thinking about trying myself, but have never gone for agencies as services arent really listed and asking someone else but the WG herself what is included always seemed a fuss and not certain.

thanks alot for your input oinki, i did feel it was a great deal, and after the other poster said about the whole 66% thing, couod understand her having a grump on

Offline Oggytoo

Hi there. I've been a lurker on here for some time, but have joined specifically to answer this one.

I've used 24 carat a couple of times - mixed results to be honest.  I saw a girl around Christmas time and she was a real gem.  Photos were accurate and she hit all the right buttons for me.  I followed that up with a booking of another (Luna) and it could not have been more different.  Luna's pictures had been heavily photoshopped (if it was her at all) and her service was awful.  She was in and out of my flat in 20 minutes. 

To be fair to 24 carat, I left some negative feedback on the website and they published it (a tick for them there).  However within 24 hours a dozen or so other positive feedbacks were also left on the site.  Hmmm.

I haven't used them again, and probably won't.  The main reason is that i am a bit of an impulse punter and the "who is available" has never been accurate meaning I am susceptible to the old bait and switch. I think they share the same girls as vlondon who I have had slightly better results with.

Welcome to UKP Oggy, hope you stick around :drinks:

thanks for your detailed response oggytoo, is making me rethink a touch now..... she does look bloody good mind and my tax rebate wont spend itself

welcome to the boards, hope you recieve a better welcome than i and a few others have recently

also is the girl you saw round xmas still active on the site

Offline Oggytoo

Thanks for the welcome guys.

The girl I saw at Christmas was Patricia and she is showing as available tonight on the website.  No promises it is the same girl I saw, but those photos (which are new) look pretty accurate and fair. If I didn't need to be into work early tomorrow I'd be tempted to give them a ring.

Offline Ludwig

I've booked three girls through 24 Carat, all around about July this year...

the first (and also my first ever punt as it happens) was great...OWO, RO and a really responsive GFE-type fuck.  I have seen her (privately) maybe 6 or 7 times since:

She also has a AW profile:

The other two were terrible and put me off the agency for good...the 2nd was a supposedly Spanish girl called Kim.  I was her first appointment of the day...she was pretty enough but she'd clearly only just got up, hadn't even bothered to shower, clean her teeth, brush her hair etc, and she stank of BO and stale tobacco & alcohol etc.  I walked...she is no longer on their books by the looks of it;

The 3rd was :
Nowhere near as pretty in real life as (clearly photoshopped) photos; one or possibly two dress sizes larger than the photos; no OWO, no RO, and no kissing except for on her body from the neck down to her navel...completely uninspiring sex and absolutely no sense of intimacy or sensuality, i.e. not GFE in any sense

Since then I've always punted with indies, and would probably not touch any agency again unless it was highly recommended on here...with an indie you can establish in advance with the girl what you want and what she will do; with this type of agency you've no idea in advance what services the girl is going to offer..

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