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Author Topic: First sexually transmitted case of Zika  (Read 699 times)

Oh well, will give the serial worriers a new topic to worry about, that is if they didn't jump of a bridge because of the new strain of drug resistant gonorrhoea (Yes resistant to normal medication, not other options).  :wackogirl:

Protect myself against STDs anyway not really a concern for me.  :music:

Anyway if protected fucking wont give it to you the mosquitoes will.  :sarcastic:

Be afraid paranoid people we know you  thrive on it !   :wacko: :crazy: :wackogirl:

Offline Moresomes

I suppose that this means that next time I go for a check up, there will be a new question on the registration form.

"Have you in the last three months been to Texas, and had unprotected sex with someone who has just returned from some zika infested hellhole?"

Offline willbred

No more sex with mosquitoes for me :(

Never trusted any of them...load of pricks   :D
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (willbred, Diplomat65)

Never trusted any of them...load of pricks   :D

Blood Transfusions  ban if you have been to a country in the americas 

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