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Author Topic: Demi Gracies Girls  (Read 627 times)

Search Demi NNE, a mixed bag, I saw her ages ago and she was pretty good but others disagree.

Offline docbrown

I keep getting tempted her stats are right up my street , but her reviews on here are mostly negative ,
I'd take one for the team but don't like wasting the hard earned !!

Same for me, she looks good, but if she puts no effort into it , I would rather go elsewhere.

Her tits are huge but fake , that puts a lot off, she also has quite a few tattoos that are'nt visible , as I said I thought she was pretty good but others disagreed, it is quite a while since I saw her mind.

Offline docbrown

Don't mind the fake tits , but I'm getting picky in my old Age so don't like the tats , but it's the lack of interest that puts me off .
Spending the cash she could at least try

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