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Author Topic: Elsa Sweetish?  (Read 548 times)

1 review(s) for Elsa_Sweet (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/503898 or https://www.adultwork.com/Elsa%5FSweet

Really having problems with this one as its really so borderline positive but for reasons I will set out decided to hang my balls on the fence here.

Have been trying to connect with this girl for a long time but I so rarely am able to plan my punts these days, just couldn't handle the hoops put in front of me with her booking requirements which tbf are clearly stated on her profile.

Nevertheless I had a window and jumped through those hoops to arrrange a late Sunday afternoon one hour meet.

Quite a grubby, seedy but safe street in Marylebone, a stones throw from the A40 and the Edgware Rd. Parking of course was easy on a Sunday and I saw a space which I only realised after parking was right outside of her gaff which was an in old converted pub. Saw a girl hanging around outside smoking a fag before she let herself in with a struggle. Thankfully it was not Elsa who sent me a text apologising that she would be 5 mins late. I decided to go for a stroll so she wouldn't spot me in the car when she arrived.

I then got texted the flat number and duly struggled with that stiff door myself.
The flat was on the ground floor and Elsa opened and beckoned me in followed by a kiss on the cheek.
It was rather like walking into a trendy designer set as the apartment was immaculate and very tastefully furnished. Chillout music completed the illusion. I felt ready for a nice session.
(Flat turned out to be rented for such occasions as she lived elsewhere.)

Paperwork done and some chilled wine opened, we began to kiss properly.

The Face and Body.
Now if there was an ad campaign for the best diet out there, Elsa would get a starring role.
Slim and petite - some might say rather skinny, without an ounce of fat on her.
Pretty face with sharpish but elegant aquiline features but not like the full face photos on the site which are quite a few years old and airbrushed. I would put her age as just under thirty, 28 at a pinch. Her breasts were small A cup and a little saggy/pappy, probably due to her loss of weight. Certainly not an unattractive woman though by any standard. Her hygiene was superb and fresh and clean at all orifices.

Now Elsa is a very nice kisser. She actually tasted of white truffles! And I don't mean the choccy ones you get down M&S !
Uses her tongue well but not an in your face down your throat style at all. She likes to take things slow - as I was to find out and to be my undoing as to get the most from Elsa you will need a two hour booking or as I did you will simply run out of time!

We moved into an owo 69 and both went to business. Nice pussy lips and smallish clit to suck. Enjoyed perineum work. Sweet tasting pussy but the moment I moved in for some gentle fingering , got the " no I don't like to be touched there" caveat!
Although my finger grooming is short trimmed nails spotless and unimpeachable, I do nevertheless get a bit niggled, frustrated and suspicious at that -normally reserved for Romanian -response. Perhaps she was wearing a cap. Don't know, wouldn't have cared anyway. It also tends to, and did dampen my ardour somewhat.

RO then went on far too long and everytime she was about to come she would pull away. Somewhat of a control freak I was then beginning to suspect.

Well she has been on the game a very long time - at least 8 years- and I was playing and being the gent by her rules.
On went the mac and we went for missionary.
There is a simple but effective one finger  ( or thumb) technique which relaxes the vagina and makes penetration easier for all concerned.
Another equally simple technique of a pillow under the buttocks helps improve the angle of penetration and allows the guy to control his depth of initial entry especially if he is large and she is tight, which was the case here.
Sadly she would not accept my counsel for either and so pussy clamped down and I could see from her expression that it looked painful. Ho humm. Back to oral.
Wasn't really in the mood at this this point but she struggled on with what was I must say a very excellent and sloppy BJ technique that would put many girls to shame. Lack of ball attention, but then I guess I should have asked!
Then out of nowhere she fired the "two minute warning" at me. That time to either come or go moment.
Well for me that's a sure fire way to prevent that all important cim finish and so it was the latter ,with me being rushed out of the door, not as it turns out because there is another punter coming but that she had to clean up and leave the place presentable.

By this time I was still feeling somewhat randy and unfulfilled so the story continues elsa where. ( Pun intended!)

Professional pretty lady. Immaculate apartment. Great kisser and sloppy BJ

Hassle to book, Not cheap at 170 but not outrageous either.
Too skinny for me, with less than perfect breasts.
Bit of a control bunny.

My Conclusion
The chemistry and sex could have been brilliant and for the right man she would be a star.
That day just was not to be and I left underwhelmed and a little frustrated. Hence the neutral. Maybe I am being harsh but thats just how I felt on the day.

1 review(s) found for Elsa_Sweet linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline YoungBrom

I like this review because it just saved me a hell of a lot of money 🙈

I swear she has other reviews on here but apparently this her only one.

I swear she has other reviews on here but apparently this her only one.
Well not per se but you might want to read this thread  :hi:

Offline Bushmills

I remember punting with this girl about 3 years ago (long before I knew about this forum)

My experience was similar to yours from what I can remember.

Pretty girl. Close to the (photoshopped) profile photos but not disappointingly so.  When I saw her she had lost weight and there was some excess skin around her stomach. Boobs a bit floppy too.

Very soft, full, luscious lips. Perfect kissing and OWO.

I was allowed to do RO to completion on her.

And my session also ended suddenly with "I have someone else coming in 15 mins" despite all the stuff on her profile about only taking a very limited number of bookings per day.

She was near Charlotte St at the time so a good steak and fries in Cote went down nicely afterwards.

I have not been back - underwhelming experience + too many others to see...
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