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Author Topic: Wife4Dick aka Emma of High Wycombe (Bucks)  (Read 2179 times)

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1 Hour
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3352757 or https://www.adultwork.com/Wife4Dick

Making the date was easy by phone and text. I phoned, she texted back. I do not think she ever read my introductory email. I had her postcode and a time. I drove over, parked and found a meter which turned out to be very close. Once we were through the hurdles of finding her flat at the back of the Victorian house with a separate entrance, all was well. She could offer parking at the back but by then I was on a meter.

Emma, as she calls herself, was a short stout smiling mature Romanian lady in her 40s with delicious breasts and incredble edible nipples, as in her profile photo and a well rounded tummy.

Her flat mate was sealed in another room with another man so I never saw her. Due to the layout I was not able to use the bathroom and was offered a bucket to pee into. But we were in an open plan sitting room/kitchen so there was running water even if not in an ideal way. Emma was obviously showered and met me in a towelling dressing gown. Her English was not fluent but adequate for our needs, helped by her hospitable and open attitude. Nothing was just mechanical. It was going to be fun.

After peeing in the bucket and sizing her up I paid, not least because of something unexpected which we both realised at the same time. We had met before in London for the same purpose as now and had had fun that time also. She helped me undress, nuzzling me, fingering mister happy, and generally showing a lack of inhibition in her open gown which soon fell off, ready and game for anything. OK by me.

Onto the sofa-bed and snog snog snog. I alternated her breasts and her mouth into my mouth while she lay on top of me allowing mister happy to self-propel himself around her entrances and she rubbed herself up and down him with her clit. Relaxation and sensual bliss, I needed it. I also fingered her considerably while keeping my mouth full.

Then I moved her up over my face, I was lying on my back and she was facing me so I could suck. More bliss for both of us. Then we glided into 69 and again long relaxed sucking. Yippee. We split for a second and I asked her what position she would like? Cowgirl was it as she climbed over me, more breasts in my face and she rode gently.

Doggy was more difficult due to her short thighs and a low sofa, I could not do it from the floor and kneeling behind her was OK but no more than that so we elided into a delightful mish which again was relaxed and longer than I usually last, and then a long slow deep orgasm.

Smiles all round, wiped, recovered, chatted and dressed. The end.

I doubt that she was aware much of the wording of her profile, her English was not up to it.

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1 review(s) found for Wife4Dick linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

glad you had a good time HP

but pissing in a bucket would make me feel i was at a sixth form party
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Offline Odd Job

Brilliant report. Had me in stitches. Not my kind of punt but glad you enjoyed.

Offline bungry

So she advertises Bareback.....you screwed her bareback?

Offline nigel4498

So she advertises Bareback.....you screwed her bareback?
You've a lot to learn about HP.

You've a lot to learn about HP.

Yes HP likes to share his sauce! Pun intended!  :lol:

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was she really 4ft 2?
I can only say that she was short, as I did in my report, I do not carry a measuring tape when I go punting!

I can only say that she was short, as I did in my report, I do not carry a measuring tape when I go punting!

Well did you think she was so short that you thought if they needed a new oompa lumpa for charlie and chocolate factory production she would have a chance ?

Profile gone
I wonder if she has a new name and location as I would try and meet her again?

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