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Author Topic: Alicante Pornstars is this real??  (Read 1955 times)

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I want Sonia & Evelin fighting over my cock...where do I sign??  ;)

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Olga can rim my arse anytime she wants!   :P

Great how the competition in Spain gets hot prossies doing porno-style videos to advertise their wares and still only charging €100ph (£75)...no photoshop there!   :thumbsup:

I can report this is 100% real.

I had a great time and back over there in October


I"m off to Benidorm soon too. Just had a quick look at that site, wondered who you saw, are there any reviews anywhere of Evelin Sánchez?

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Wow! Don't usually like porn with covered penetrative sex but this stuff is horny as fuck! Can't wait to crack one off to that tonight!

I like Alicante so need to book a trip out again if that is the quality of local punting! I know a great steak restaurant oppo the Cathedral.

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