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Author Topic: lexi ryder - glasgow  (Read 879 times)

21 review(s) for Lexi_Ryder (20 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline bigmike32


Seen the lovely busty blonde pornstar lexi ryder this afternoon.
date of booking. 02/02/2016
Location. City centre hotel on argyle street glasgow.
Comms. Excellent comms lots of emails before the meet and day before meet and texting on the day of meet.
Time spent. 1 hour at 160 pounds
Arrived in glasgow afternoon and made my way to the hotel lexi was staying at. Got a text with the directions of the lift and the floor and room number so slipped passed reception and made my way upto lexi.

She opened the door wearing a sexy black lingerie top and bright pink high heels. She showed plenty of cleavage and i was in awe at her big breasts. I was nervous as i had never punted in a hotel before and she sensed that and put me at ease.

Got the paperwork out the way and  sat down on the bed talking and before i knew it we were into a really intense dfk session she is a great kisser i was not sure about her botox lips but theyre soft and she has great tongue action. Then we lied down exploring each others bodys. Off came her top and knickers and then my boxers. More dfk then she says do you want explore my pussy or get your cock sucked so i chose  the oral. It was an amazing owo session with plenty of sloppy spitting on my cock deep throat skillfull tongue action and very careful teeth grinding which enhanced the experience. With over 20 mins of awesome oral i was close to cumming.

I then explored her shaved pussy with my tongue and fingers and it was a very clean  and fresh tasting pussy. I heard her groaning as i was fingerblasting her and kept inserting more fingers also licking her clit which she seemed to love she was certainly soaking wet.

It was back to the blowjob with my more deepthroat and eye contact and i was about to blow my load i asked lexi where she would like it and she said on her tits. So i came on her nipples and she was licking it up afterwards very hot to see.

We both had a rest and chatted about porn and other things then it was onto more kissing and cock stroking to get me hard again. A bit more of a blowjob until i was rock hard and then it was time to fuck her .
on with the condom and a talk about positions i asked if she could go top and she bent over with her back turned inserted my cock in her pussy and climbed on top in reverse cowgirl. She was bouncing up and down i was grinding upwards it felt amazing.  Then we switched to doggy and i was pounding her hard and then i had to stand up on the bed as i got cramp so it was now standing doggy as deep as it could get. Then i put her on her stomach with my dick still inside her and me on my back fucking her hard she really loved it and then  ended up in a position that she says was new to her. It was still me fucking her from brhind while she was on her stomach and me on her back then ended up in some kind of yoga position where she was half on the floor and contorted onto my cock she loved it as she said she came. I found it so intense i was sweating and had to ask to switch to mish. As i had cum earlier i was getting more stamina and there was no sign of cumming then i thought i had cum after 5 more mins of fucking her in mish but hadnt she checked and said keep going which was hot and after more fucking in mish and legs up in the air and balls slapping against her arse i finally came.

We both relaxed and talked again after that great intense session and i took advantage of that offer of a shower. When i came out she was still naked and i slowly got dressed whilst talking to her again. More kissing and then i left and she was still naked. Also i noticed after i had left we ran over by 10 mins so not a clock watcher.

A very very hot intense punt with a sexy busty blonde british pornstar and a very down to earth woman i highly reccomend her

Looks 9/10 stunning girl would be a 10/10 if she hadnt had puffy botox lips. Still a great kisser and a blowjob specialist though.
body 10/10 she works out every day and is slim and well toned.
personality 10/10 cant fault her and very easy to chat with her and a good listener.
would i see her again. A definate yes.

Sorry about the length of review but i had to share with you how great a punt it was.

21 review(s) found for Lexi_Ryder linked to in above post (20 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline JazzMan

Thanks for the review.

I don't find her that attractive.
I suppose that's what porn stars look like though.
« Last Edit: February 02, 2016, 11:17:34 PM by JazzMan »
Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Offline bigmike32

Yeah theres an aura about pornstars and apart from the lips i found everything else attractive even the fake breasts felt nice. What pornstar would you punt with then?

Offline seeker

I wouldn't Ryde lexi into battle  :lol:

Offline mavgoose

I'd love a go at her.
But not at £100 half hour.
She's only £60 when not touring. £80, yes. Not a ton though. No way.

I'd love a go at her.
But not at £100 half hour.
She's only £60 when not touring. £80, yes. Not a ton though. No way.

Exactly, there's far better at that price and less, with more services and no extra charges.

A 15 min pop at 60 would be your best bet, but could still never be called decent value.

Offline bigmike32

I think she hiked up her prices because she was fully booked and people were prepared to pay that. She was expensive it was a great punt though.

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