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Author Topic: Party girl term  (Read 1642 times)

No interest in either. So this is all helpful, thank you. Just another term I can filter out of searches.

Although that said, it's not like they are going to ram pills down my throat the minute I walk in. If there's someone who ticks all the other boxes and includes that term, I can just decline / not ask.

Thanks everyone.

No one will even offer you anything just indicates willing to partake with you or just be there when you party like Lord Sewell !

Offline Roth

Does anybody know/recommend any good girls that partake in this?

Are you real?????   :dash:

He's probably a troll.  :dash:

Offline Ben4454

When i first got into punting a girl asked do you want to party. I said its abit early at 11am.  :crazy:
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Offline Roth

if you see it on aw or an agency website its a reference to drugs nothing to do with gangbang

party girl - drugs

parties - gangbang

This is what's listed on AW under the enjoys section. :hi:

Offline Sonny Crockett

Bloody hell..... Pro$$ies on drugs????? No wonder they give crap service. Probably thinking about the next fix, than about giving the punter a good time!!!
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I wouldn't be able to fuck if I was off me face on the ol fizz.

The question is, do the girls/pimps who put it on the profile know its true meaning? Maybe they've seen it on other profiles & put it because the SP likes parties.

Lets be honest, half the SPs who have watersports listed only do so because they enjoyed windsailing when they went to Spain once  :rolleyes:
Nice one  :lol:  :lol:
I agree that some of them indeed don't have a clue. I have over the years been offered everything from crack cocaine to a simple spliff and never saw any of it coming from the profiles. I do confess to have enjoyed the spliff ( hard drugs dont interest me ) and was not expected to cover any cost. When Party Girl is actually spelt out in a profile I suspect they expect you to be the provider!

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