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Author Topic: Double profile?  (Read 1581 times)

Online Hertsgent

There is very little correlation between profile quality and punt quality in my experience.....I prefer the second quality measure :D

Offline busty tara 2016

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Not ALL of you x

Some ppl need to chill out a little.

They are sooo negative. I suppose I'm just annoyingly happy and don't take life too seriously hence the crap profile  :yahoo:

Offline oohermrs

Tara - don't label all of us on here as a nightmare, just because you've got a couple guys having some verbal sparing.

There's room in this business for all sorts.

Offline busty tara 2016

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Only messing xxx

I don't take life to seriously and take ppl on face value not from silly rants on a computer screen xxx

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