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Author Topic: _Miranda_ - Whitechapel  (Read 1240 times)

17 review(s) for _Miranda_ (12 positive, 3 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I saw Miranda recently and I had a great time. She works in the same flat as sexy sandra. I think independent lena used to work there as well when I saw her about 2 years ago (maybe she still does?)

Booking sorted via texts, no problems there. I was there about 5 minutes early and I was let in on time. She looks exactly like the pictures. Not the prettiest girl in the world but very sexy. I found her attractive overall. Smooth tanned skin, natural C boobs, clean shaved pussy.

After taking care of business (100 for 1 hour) I asked to take shower. When I returned to the room, she wasn't there. She returned a minute later and said she'll be back in a minute. When she came back she took another minute to change the music, and then took her dress off herself. So, not off to a good start.
But everything was uphill from that moment. Kissing was proper DFK, and she smelled/tasted fresh. After a long session of kissing and foreplay, I moved on to RO. I licked her for a long time and slowly slid in a finger in there, then two. I could feel the build up and that she was very close to cumming when she stopped me. I guess if you're good with your tongue (and/or cock) you can make her come. She made a few moans during the whole punt, but otherwise she was mostly silent. Definitely not a screamer, or I'm shit at this.

After RO, we moved on to OWO which was very enjoyable. Not the deepest or sloppiest blowjob I ever had, but it was really good. We were almost 30 minutes into the punt at this point and I wanted to fuck her before I came. Put on the condom and into missionary for about a minute. Then cowgirl, and I came in the condom during doggy. The sex was very short and I didn't even break a sweat but she asked me to take a shower.

When I come back into the room, she's not there again. Comes back and asks for another minute to take a shower. She tells me not to worry about the time and we'll do it again. When she comes back, she gets straight on to waking up the little guy. Another session of RO until she is close to coming again, and then on to sex. Like every other WG's room, hers was boiling hot so I start sweating, and she does a bit too. What follows is a relatively long session of sweaty love making in various positions. I absolutely loved it. I'm not sure if I made her cum, but she seemed to enjoy this as well.
Now, one thing that's happening as I'm getting old is that I'm unable to cum for the second time in an hour, especially after a long day at work. Even though I massively enjoyed this second round, I was not close to finishing. When it was about an hour into the punt, I called the time. I'm not sure if she was about to warn me or not (Fuck my honesty, right?)

I took another shower. When I'm dressing we chat for the first time. She sounds like a nice girl, but I don't think she likes doing this. She was extremely professional and did everything very well during the punt, but I had the feeling she's just in this to pay her student loans, save some money or whatever.

- Fantastic body.
- Nice flat, easy to find. Although it's in Whitechapel, just 1 road off the high street.
- Very good service.
- Easy to book, she was ready at exactly the agreed time.

- Can't comment on whether she does CIM or facials.

- She was out of the room many times.

Would I recommend: Yes
Would I return: Yes

https://www.adultwork.com/2669670 or https://www.adultwork.com/%5FMiranda%5F

17 review(s) found for _Miranda_ linked to in above post (12 positive, 3 neutral, 2 negative)

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