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Author Topic: Coco thai massage Leeds  (Read 4287 times)

First post and glad I have found this site.

I think I have tried all the thai massage in Leeds but this is my fave despite no HE


Absolutely gorgeous thai lady circa 40yrs. Gives a really sensual massage throughout but no HE!!! would like to know if anyone else has had success. She spends at least 30 mins on the arse and thighs. £45 1hr

This lady gives a good massage , no build up but reasonable HE negotiated £50 inchttps://www.gumtree.com/p/thai-massage-services/emerald-traditional-thai-massage-/1151589620

Another guaranteed is https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-massage-services/thai-massage-/1149034297 nice flat in Bingley pretty late 20s loads of CC swipes, and a grope can be had too  :D

Unfortunately  I can't help you , I use rainbow spa in wakefield if your not far? Always HE and sometimes a little extra too , wondering what other massage places (with HE) you have been to in leeds?

Offline TomR

You are guaranteed HE at Thai Orchid. Place does get busy so necessary
to ring and make an appointment. £39 for hour massage, cost of HE varies
on the girl.
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£39? Lol is the HE price between 10 and 20? That's the usual HE rate do you go there yourself if so is it worth it? Thanks

Offline TomR

Difficult to say really. I have been 4 times, on each time was with a different lady. They change all the time
and you have no choice even if there are a couple sitting in the lounge. I had two good experiences, one
indifferent and one poor. The cost varied between 20-30 for HE. Three of the ladies I went with remained clothed
so no touching except over their skirts. With one of them I had the impression that more may have been on offer
but her english was so poor that I just let her get on with HE.

I haven't been for a while so it may have changed. There is another place (not sure of name) on a side street next
to the Orchid. I went once, again 39 for hour massage, then quoted 30 for HE, 20 for removal of shirt, another 10
for removal of bra and another 10 for a touch. Needles for say I didn't cough up that lot and didn't go again.

what do you think of rainbow spa wakefield?

Offline TomR

Not tried that one that yet. There is also a rainbow in leeds (Hunslet somewhere). Both are on my list
of places to try so will let you know and then compare them with the Orchid.

]Hi, have you been back to Cocothai? Got any further? Does she cover you in a towel? You mentioned sensual massage of thighs and buttocks, but what about when you turn over? Cheers- Paddy

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