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Author Topic: Prague tips and international sex guide  (Read 11360 times)

Offline Cactus

I'm going to Prague next month with some mates, this will be the third time I've been over (it's a stunning city, great architecture and still great value for money although not as good as it was, would highly recommend it to anyone for a city break).  Will be my first oppertunity to punt while there though, so wanted to do a little research.

Have been looking at international sex guide for tips and what not of punting whilst over there.  However I find it a rather awkward forum to use, putting the newest post rather confuses things as it makes it very tricky to follow threads and a bit confusing.  Can you change it as a member or is this just a little foible you have to put up with over there?

Lastly, has anyone got any tips for anything that should be checked out whilst in Praha? I know the city pretty well, but apart from a couple of strip clubs (offering full contact lap dances) I've little experience with the naughtier aspects of the city.  Tips etc would be happily received  :drinks:

Offline Cactus

Been on ISG looking for bits and pieces of info, but find that forum a nightmare to navigate.
Not there long, but plan to visit a couple of places to have a shot at some punting, Eastern European style.  Will probably try to visit one or two of these type of places:


Looks good.  Strip club, what looks like a sex market and a bar all in the same complex.  Bit out of the way though and the women are indies renting rooms, so the quality is often a bit lower.


Decent rates, pretty central.


Like the look of this place, pretty central and no entrance fee, good rates too.  Good selection of girls.

Any tips on the above or anywhere else would be much appreciated.

This agency also gets good reviews so may look at that if I fancy an Indy, £83 an hour for an incall sounds good to me, the ladies all look pretty hot.


A couple of indies that are also recommended on ISG, rates a good bit higher that the centres and the above agency:

http://www.carolina-aurora.info/ and http://carmenfirestorm.moonfruit.com/

Any info or recommendations would be much appreciated.  Shall update when I get back.

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