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Author Topic: Leena_Sweet anyone had the pleasure?  (Read 642 times)

https://www.adultwork.com/3324393 or https://www.adultwork.com/Leena%5FSweet

She looks very tempting but 150£ is the most I would pay for anyone so I need assurance of quality:)

I feel very horny today so might do it but it would be great if someone would throw in some first hand experience here.

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Offline stevedave

Not seen her, but anyone associated with that TaraTeen group always puts me off...no particular reason why, just something doesn't feel right.

Offline cumtoplay

She looks like the Asian girl I saw a couple of months back in a Harrogate hotel who was with Barbys Escorts a short while (was called Selina or Serina something like anyway)......certainly the same pics at least. If it is, she was a lovely young girl with a gorgeous face & body. Pretty decent service...DFK, OWO & CIM.

Offline cumtoplay

sorry memory is going, just checked she used to go by the name of Karina. Same girl


Little petite Indian girl , great body, nice tits,(fake) funny, chatty owo, clean, fresh
My punt was in :scare: Harehills Leeds saying that Nice clean flat.  :yahoo:

Offline cumtoplay

she's in Harrogate I not according to her schedule....might just have to have 30-mins with her

Yeah she was 100% Karina, I'd been close to seeing a couple of times but went elsewhere. She's put both her 30 minute and hour rate up £20 since then which most girls in Harrogate seem to be doing at the moment.

After seeing Sweetascandii it makes it difficult to pay £150 for anyone else if you get my drift.

Offline stevedave

Agreed with anon - I've not seen Candii, but if I was gonna splash out 150 notes, I'd want to make damn sure I was getting my money's worth.

Offline rafa

Agree with the posts above wouldn't pay £150 unless sweetascandii or may be ik services

if any of you haven't seen it yet I posted review of this girl yesterday.

Offline p3ngu1n

if any of you haven't seen it yet I posted review of this girl yesterday.

Yeah read the review mate cheers jfn, but much like Steve I just didn't feel like making a move on this lass (the Tarateen squad thing puts me off). Glad you did though :thumbsup:

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