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Author Topic: Vanessa$ High Street Kensingtoh  (Read 1815 times)

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Offline Moneyd

So I've been seeing Vanessa for around 2 years I'd say.

I've mentioned before that my punts are often short and sweet due to my busy schedule and I Vanessa's punts are not different.

I'll always go for a quick BJ and she never disappoints. For a women who is clearly a bit older her body is awesome. Massive natural tits that are not far off perfect.

Whenever I visit I'll walk in and after she closes to door I punch her against the wall and start with passionate FK. After a minute or so of that she'll get fully naked, drop to her knees and start to blow the crap out of my old fella. She always puts on a good show and clearly loves what she does.

After a few minutes we'll move to the bed (although sometimes we'll get a bit carried away and the whole BJ starts and finishes by the front door or on the stairs). Either way I always finish in her mouth and she takes my load like a true champ.

If you're into it she'll have a good fiddle with your Arsenal too with no questions asked.

I've never fucked her but I've had a few fingers in there before and it's tight as fuck and one day I will go all the way with her (when I have more time).

Also one thing to add, it's probably because I'm a regular now but she never asks me for money and I just had over before I leave after the punt.


11 review(s) found for Vanessa$ linked to in above post (8 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative)

Someone's reported this post as fantasist bullshit

I think they've misinterpreted a couple of things. By 'punch' against the wall you obviously mean push (I'd hope so anyway)

By 'she doesn't ask me for money' you mean that she knows she doesn't have to prompt you, not that she doesn't take payment from you

Sounds good. Cheers for review

Offline Moneyd

Hi mate

Yeah that's a massive typo and I definitely mean 'push' and when I say that I mean in a both adults having fun kind of way and not me over powering her.

With the money I mean there is an element of trust with her. She never prompts for money and I usually pay her at the end of the punt that's all.
The point I was trying to get across is she isn't a clock watching money greedy bitch.

Sorry if I wasn't very clear before.

If someone wants to read it as bullshit that's their problem.


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