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Author Topic: Chinese / Korean agency - lost contact  (Read 283 times)

Offline joseki

I am looking for a Chinese "mamasan" who used to run her business in north central london. Her name is Pinkie. she eventually became a friend after becoming a regular of her services but have lost her contact.

if anyone knows and has her number pls private message

Offline Admin

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They're always your "friend", up until the point they retire, then you're just stranger who they wouldn't piss on if you were on fire.

Offline joseki

Pinkie supplied the girls, the agent. she has a partner in Asia and therefore organised new girls every few months all very pretty.

the best set up of good looking chinese girls I saw. often a korean and occasionally a japanese.

wish I kept the business number but I went steady one point and one of those resolutions..

now it's all over and well..

Offline CelticWarrior2

Have you tried a 118 118 search of Chinese people traffickers in North Central London?

On second thoughts, scratch that as a bad idea - too many hits to trawl through.
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