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Author Topic: Sensual In Bradford - Bradford  (Read 2154 times)

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Offline stevedave

https://www.adultwork.com/2646289 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sensual%2Din%2DBradford

So, I had a few hours to kill and due to one too many shandies, had woken up with that familiar twitch. A trip to watch the football in the pub (soft drinks only, I'm not a machine!) was failing to take the edge off, so I fired up the hotlist on AW to see who was available today, and sure enough, Sara had the green light showing. I've chatted with her on UKE before and we'd tried to meet before, but to no avail. But today, after a couple of texts, we arranged to meet a couple of hours later. Good comms, postcode given and off I set.

Sara works in a small village just outside Bradford, and had told me where was best to park and once I had, she sent detailed instructions on how to find her place, so far so good.

I found the house and was let in immediately. First impressions of Sara were very good, fairly slim, good looking and tits that were bulging out of her bra.Excellent! Now, Sara had warned me the her place looked fairly shabby, and it does a little...she only started using it a couple of weeks ago, and it can use a lick of paint, but it wasn't a problem for me. Also, she currently has no shower, which may put some off, but she had texted earlier on offering to run me a bath, but there was no need.

I followed Sara up a couple of flights of stairs, chatting pleasantly all the way, and was shown into the bedroom, quite a large room pretty much with just a bed in it. I took my coat and shoes off, and Sara sat on the bed. I moved over to kiss her, and she kisses very well...not full on DFK, more sensual with a bit of tongue, but plenty good enough for me. She started to take the rest of my clothes off while kissing and before long I was in my birthday suit and joined her on the bed. More kissing, starting to explore her lovely big boobs and she moved down and started kissing and licking my balls, which was very nice indeed!! Plenty of ball play and she started licking my shaft before taking it into her mouth...she's very good at sucking cock, very little hand action involved which is a definite positive for me, and I'm not sure how I held on for so long, before I could feel the sap rising. I warned her I was about to cum, and she took the pace up a notch and before long I was emptying my balls into her greedily accepting mouth. And down the hatch it went...as she said: "no need for any wipes, I've taken care of it"...good lass!

I needed a moment so we had a chat and I soon wanted to repay the favour. More kissing, playing and licking her nipples and soon I was lapping away at her nice, tidy pussy. She was certainly enjoying it, and after a while she came (and it was genuine, with my fingers in there too I could feel the spasms), and it was back to kissing. By now I was hard again and she immediately pounced on my cock again with her mouth. Now, I was tempted to just let her carry on, but I really wanted to fuck her by now, so on with the mac and she climbed on top, rubbing those massive mammaries in my face. She pushed me down and ground on my cock, slowly at first but building the rhythm up nicely. At this point I was tempted to suggest a change of position, but I thought "fuck it" and the view was very nice, so I stayed put and before long filled the bag as she bounced on me. She hopped off and very gently and carefully took the jonny off and cleaned me up - which was a nice touch, as a fee girls I have seen don't seem to do the after care side of things.

I took a minute or two to recover, and started to get dressed as we chatted. I checked my phone as I did, and noticed I'd been there approaching 40 minutes - I'd only booked half an hour, so she's no clock watcher. A kiss at the door, and I was back out into a mizzly, grey day with a smile on my face.

All in all, I had a great time with Sara - definitely worth the wait. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a good GFE. She's uncomplicated and good at what she does, and at £60 for half an hour, including 2 pops if required, is very good value.

I certainly hope to see her again.

5 review(s) found for Sensual-in-Bradford linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Online cueball

Hey up pal

Glad you've had a good one, she's a good podge ain't she  :D

Offline stevedave

Certainly is mate, cheers for the recommendation (bloody ages ago!)  :drinks:

Thanks for the review SteveDave,

I was supposed to be seeing Sara last week;

I started initial comms, then one of my twat work colleagues gave me the man flu which pretty much
put mockers on all my plans.  :(

I definitely hope to be seeing Sara soon  :thumbsup:

Certainly is mate, cheers for the recommendation (bloody ages ago!)  :drinks:

Great review Steve! Can you think of anyone from the top of your head who she resembles.  Her face is well hidden on her pics, and people seem to have different opinions on her looks. Whats her face like?

Online cueball

Whats her face like?

Believe it or not, she looks like a civvie ex gf of mine

 :D that's not much help though

Oh haha. I'm guessing her looks are good then?

Online cueball

Oh haha. I'm guessing her looks are good then?

That's all context though ain't it.

As we've no idea who've you seen then looks are down to the individual.

You might prefer 6 stone blonde svelte 18yr olds or you might prefer 20 stone momma's.

Before asking it'd be a lot simpler to say what sort of lass you like.

Just wanted to know what sort of face she has, I prefer a slim (non round) face, nothing chubby!

If anyone knows if she resembles any celebrity, please do state the name. 

Offline stevedave

For my money she's a good looking girl, very much someone you'd see in Asda and follow her around for 5 minutes to have a perv on. I'd say she has a slim face.

I'm really shit at comparing people, so I'll not bother  :lol:

Thanks, that'll do :) Thought she'd be some chubby woman, you know what I mean!

Offline mm86

Mate, she's fit, you're not gonna have any problem with her face, just go for it!

Yes I will book her very soon. She honestly needs to put better pics up, she's made out to look like some fat thing (i'm sure she's not)

She also seems to jump from one hotel to another, and regularly rotates between doing outcalls and incalls.

I will try to book ASAP :)

Offline stevedave

When I saw her, she'd just set up with a new incall gaff just outside Bradford, easy enough to find...she may have moved elsewhere now, I don't know.

As for her size, she told me she'd lost weight so was definitely a bit slimmer than the pics. She's no stick insect, I'd guess size 12? The massive boobs make it hard to guess though  :D

Offline Iblisuk

Sara is good VFM at £90 good services , the Incall venue she now uses on Thornton Rd, is a fu*king dump.... So if you were brought up with a silver spoon in ya gob like me be warned.
Banning reason: Making false claims against moderation

I saw Sara myself at her new incall venue a few weeks ago;  still haven't had time to do a proper review, been mega busy
at work and have got myself a new civvy GF  :dance:  so not much time for 'owt at the moment.

Sara is a really nice lass, gives great oral and swallows like a boss; provided you are clean!

She was in the middle of renovations to her new incall gaff when I saw her, but it didn't bother me, the bedroom she
uses for bookings was clean and warm, so no complaints here  :hi:

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