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Author Topic: Phone manner and voice  (Read 1965 times)

Offline boydancer

Must admit that I am influenced by the WGs voice.  If she is friendly and seems quite enthusiastic then I will generally book her.  If she sounds gruff, bored or just plain aggressive then I give it a miss.  I have been wrong once a couple of years ago when I had a WG with a really high squeeky voice (a bit like a mouse). I thought that she sounded like a real odd ball and so I nearly give her a miss.  But as it was a last minute booking and, I was hard up and it seemed a bargain at the time so I gave it a punt.  As it turned out she was OK and I ended up having a really good session and a laugh.
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Offline SirFrank

OMG its so true that a quick call can be the nail in the coffin...

Found a WG that has been on my hot list for a while... I had been let down so called her  :scare:

She was rough as a badgers arse, she blew it from 'eeelooo' that sounded like a builder built like a brick shit house and with a manner that was either drugged, half asleep or couldnt be bothered  :dash:

If they are going to answer the phone at least try and be somewhat polite and with an ounce of femininity  :dash:

Dare I say it it was 'I will call back later to confirm time' - the wallet is in the car statement!

Had a very similar experience last year. Profile was smoking but when I phoned her she sounded like Mel B off Bo Selecta. - ellllllllllo ya bastard. Fuck that even if the pics were accurate I couldn't put up with that fucking voice. Like nails down a blackboard.

I always use the call to screen. I like to get a feel for the gal. If she sounds like she'd rather watch paint dry I'm gone. Always trust your nose
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