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Author Topic: Lucy of Playmates Leeds  (Read 906 times)

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Price: £130
Time: 1 hour
Location: Leeds city centre

My first review so I'll try my best.  Having not had a punt for over five years I could no longer fight if off and was impressed with the reviews of the Playmates girls so figured I would go with one of the girls off the website.  Lucy is the one that stood out for me, slim with curves in all the right places and I decided that she was the one.  I gave the agency a call on the day and luckily she was available that day.  I picked a time and was given the location and told to wait for a text telling me she was ready with floor and apartment number. 
I got the text telling me she was ready and I was given the all clear and up I went, knocked on the door and was greeted by a petite lady around 5'2 , looks like your typical girl next door with freckles and average looks.  Lucy is slim with a nice pair of tits (her best feature despite the larger freckles around them) she’s not a head turner which is the impression you get from the website.   She welcomed me in and asked how I was etc.  She asked if I would like a shower which I accepted, I got the money out the way and jumped into the shower.  I returned to the bedroom where she was laying on the bed waiting for me, I lay down beside her and we start to kiss and from this point onwards I had a feeling the punt wasn’t going to go well.  Kisses were close mouthed apart from a tiny bit of tongue which would slip out every 10 seconds or so and this was accompanied with fake moans (just from kissing).  She took off her bra to reveal a really nice pair of tits and I slipped my hand down over her panties and started to rub her pussy as I sucked her juicy tits getting a nice mouthful.  A good few minutes of this and she started to reach for my cock, she then moved to the end of the bed to suck it but hesitated as she looked it up and down like she’s never seen one before.  Now, let me explain where this is going lol.  I am circumcised and I don’t think this girl has ever seen or sucked a circumcised cock in her life, anyway, she starts to kiss the tip and flick it with her tongue, she only sucked on the tip before reaching for the condom.  This almost caused an erection failure as I now felt that she wasn’t into it.  She slipped it on and squatted down on my cock, I was very horny before the meet so managed to stay hard and watching her squatting up and down my cock with the moans made me shoot my load after a few minutes. 
After cleaning myself up she lay down next to me asking what I’d been doing in the morning, I explained I had been running a few errands in town and now I find myself here.   What followed was the most awkward silence I have ever been involved in, in what felt like an eternity I felt I had to break the silence so I asked where she was from, she told me she was from Barnsley and that she’s a part-time hairdresser, now I don’t know about anyone else but from my experience hairdressers don’t let you get a word in edgeways.  Once again the conversation just went dead, rather than let it linger I decide to move in for the kiss and once again it was closed mouth, I slid my finger into her pussy and she started moaning (I’m guessing fake again) as I tried to slip another finger in she almost jumped off the bed moving my hand back, I asked if she was ok and she said two fingers was too much.  I continued fingering her with just the one finger and she asked if I was ready for round two, I said we can try so she moved down to the end of the bed grabbing a cover on the way, put it on me and started to suck me good this time, got me hard and squatted on top, we continued in this position for a few minutes and she was bouncing up and down picking up the pace before I asked to switch to doggy.  She duly obliged but the bed was too low, I decided it would be best to go mish.  I got on top and started to fuck away listening to her exaggerated moans, I even caught her out at one point, anyway, I could see the finishing line so started pounding her as hard as I could as she moaned louder and louder until I finally shot my load.  I got off and she left the room, I checked the time and could see I had around 15 minutes left.  She returned to the room, arms crossed over her tits and asked if I wanted a shower, she couldn’t wait to get rid of me.  I washed myself down, got dressed and she ushered me out of the room.  Not even a goodbye kiss.
Overall I was disappointed and most definitely will not be seeing Lucy again.  Maybe it was just me, I’m not much of a talker but then again neither was she but I got the impression that she didn’t really want me there and that knocks the confidence quite a bit.

Offline Tallboy2

Good review mate, you did well to get going again. It's disappointing when you get one like that. My first punt, back in November was a complete disaster. She wasn't interested in the slightest and I left before my 30.mins was up without popping my cork at all.
We shall see what Billie Rae is like then I'll meet you for a spit roast with her if you like :dash:

Thanks for the review  :hi:

Don't let one silly girl put you off pal.

Try a well reviewed indy next time;

you seem to have loads of good 'uns in Leeds at the moment.

Offline costa

Honest review , very similar to my experience with her - closed mouth , early 30's , average looks , part time job , oral not great , not much chatting , from Sheffield .

Offline cumtoplay

Girls @ Playmates don't seem to be hitting the heights they were doing pre X-Mas (Daniella & Amelia both of whom have now left)

Offline maggsy

Girls @ Playmates don't seem to be hitting the heights they were doing pre X-Mas (Daniella & Amelia both of whom have now left)

Totally agree. In my opinion Alicia is the only really good one left and she has reduced her hours considerably.

Offline Ali Katt

This girl has received two neutral so far, with the main complaint being: not into it.

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