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Author Topic: Linzi Dawn - Tour  (Read 2481 times)

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Offline TallnHung

1 Hour - £150

https://www.adultwork.com/1721231 or https://www.adultwork.com/LinziDawn

Linzi was touring my local area and I hadnt seen her outside the Party Scene for a 1 to 1.  She doesn't party any more and I've aways wondered what she would be like 1 on 1 so this seemed a great opportunity.

A Holiday Inn local to me.  I've seen other ladies here and its  good one as no need to pass reception or be overlooked to access most of the rooms.

Linzi is, for me, stunning.  Gorgeous long dark hair, very pretty facially and curves in all the right places.  She's built for fun and she knows it too she also knows how to use what she has to the best too.  Personally I think she is near enough my perfect woman looks and body wise and in real life you'd definitely have you head turned if she walked past.
You know those cars that look like they are doing 200mph standing still, well thats Linzi and sex ;)

The Meet:
Comms were great via text and we lined up an hour that fitted into my and her schedule.
I arrived about 5 minutes early so called her from the car park.  She was ready, gave me the room number and I walked in.  As soon as I got to the door it was opened and I was let in discreetly, good really as the maid was in the hall at the time.
What greeted me was sex on legs.  Linzi was wearing a lovely set of underwear covered in a very revealing little black dress.  Nice heels, she's not short, and these bought her almost up to my height.  We kissed, chatted and caught up for a few minutes.  We'd already discussed what I wanted via text so we were soon into some DFK, still dressed as my hands explored Linzi's body with her teasing my cock through my jeans.
Soon she was on her knees, undoing my belt, sliding my jeans and boxers down before swallowing my semi hard cock whole.  Lots of deepthroat, just wet enough and encouraging me to fuck her throat so I soon had a hand on the back of her head for some great gagging action.

Talking of gagging I was gagging to undress her so she stood, turned around and I slipped her LBD down and she stepped out of it, bending over to rub my cock between her ass cheeks, I could have shot a load right up her back there and then.  She turned and for the next 5 minutes or so we snogged like teenagers as I removed the remainder of my clothes and her underwear. 

The rest is a bit of a blur that consisted of me on my back getting deepthroat and Linzi wrapping her tits round my cock, some licking and teasing of her very responsive nipples and straddling her chest titfucking her whilst intermittently shoving my cock deep down her throat.  On at least 3 or 4 occasions I could quite easily have shot my load but Linzi somehow knew and eased off just long enough for me to gain control again.  At one point Linzi lay on her back, head over end of bed whilst I stood and fucker her throat, squeezed her tits and played with her clit.
Eventually there was no holding back and straddled over her I shot my load full force over her mouth and face.  She didn't even flinch, just winked and swallowed what was in her mouth, collected the rest with her fingers and swallowed that too, even after you've cum she's turning you on ;)

Normally I'd have a bit of a chat here, and we did for a bit, but soon enough Linzi was teasing my cock and I was up for round two.  Another blur of blowjobs, face fucking, titfucking and teasing her pussy before Linzi demanded I fuck her.  Well whats a guy to do.  Bag on with her mouth and some standing doggie, sex against the wall, doggie on the bed and deep piledriving missionary (I think she came) and I was ready for shot number two.  Off with the bag and I shot my load over Linzi's tits which she collected and swallowed.  I was spent.

That would be my point to get dressed normally but not with Linzi, she spent the next 10 minutes sucking and licking my cock and balls clean, I think she wanted Round 3 I certainly did but I'd literally blown my load for the day and I couldn't have gotten hard with some superglue and lolipop sticks, at least not in the time I thought we had left.  At that point I looked at my watch and I'd been there almost 20 minutes over time.  Linzi hadn't noticed and just shook it off telling me when she's having fun the clock stops anyway.  Luckily for me she had no bookings for another 40 minutes so we cleaned up, showered and had a good long chat - Linzi can chat for England :)

So even though it reads pretty PSE I'd say Linzi is really a GFE with some added extras if you want to go that way. 
With her curves, big but not stupidly big tits, blowjob abilities and just general sexiness I wish I could afford her every single day, I wouldn't get bored for a few decades even at that rate I reckon ;)

Would I go back?  Hell yes, as soon as Linzi is back in the area I would.  She mentioned a couple of Duo's she does so may even go for one of those :)

5 review(s) found for LinziDawn linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

I saw Linzi in MK about 8 years ago and see was, er  Okay...:unknown:

Offline smiths

I saw Linzi in MK about 8 years ago and see was, er  Okay...:unknown:

And I punted with her a number of times at LMP parties in 2009, she was good then.

Offline Cum_again

I've seen Linzi.....

I had fantastic sex...

Loved her sense of humour, her broad minded approach to her work and her tongue that went anywhere
Highly recommended

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