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Author Topic: AdultWork 'Featured' choices?  (Read 1152 times)

I am sure that we have all often seen that some ladies (or their pimps) use a paid for service which leads their profiles to ride high to the top of search results as 'featured'. I notice also that doing more than one search these featured profiles do not remain in the same order. 

I have never knowingly chosen a featured lady but maybe some of you have?

What about sharing your experience of using this feature and your knowledge of how it works, (as distinct from your opinions of how it might work .... )! ?

Thank you.

Offline jackdaw

Not quite certain, because what I'm about to "say" is based on common sense and a memory of a auto-censored thread of long ago:-

Feature lady status is given because provider concerned pays a listing fee to adult work. It does not reflect... in any way... quality of feedback received.

Offline ParisB

I use featuring mainly because i tour other areas  and visit london so it ensure that you are on the front page 
to get it cheap you have to book it 1  month before on the day you want at midnight otherwise you will be paying anything from 20 -30 for one day

   You may as the day goes on say in london move down the front page for london but by featuring you will always be on the front page for london above everybody else so you get a lot more exposure

Those that dont feature have to log in constantly and update their profile to ensure that they stay on the main page  but those that feature are always above and at the top of those that dont feature  regardless of what area you are in 

It dosent mean that those of us who feature are crap / or dubious  just that we are paying for our advertising in a way that works best for us 

I would never visit somewhere like london which has at least 43 pages of escorts  without featuring.
  For a tenner a day to stay on the front is well worth it and pays for itself many times over 

example  Bristol /Southwest

The  Southwest ( if your just searching has  20 pages )   
Bristol has 7 pages

If i do the local search for bristol and the southwest which cost £2 a day  i will normally stay on the front page for Bristol but for the Southwest its normally pages 1 & 2 that i will show on without having to log in and refresh

However if pay to feature myself I will stay on the whole of the southwest page above everybody else  so even if someone is looking in say devon or bath my profile will still be seen above everybody else's
Also if i then move my profile to london or Scotland the same thing applies


aha thanks Paris, very helpful, so that means if looking for tourers, look at featured ...

Offline ParisB

 not necessarily  not all girls do it  it depends on the area and if they want to spend the money on it    last minute if you can book featuring can cost around 100++ for three days sometimes 

aha thanks Paris, very helpful, so that means if looking for tourers, look at featured ...

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