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Author Topic: HereAnyTime  (Read 645 times)

Offline Darlobloke


We have a Brazilian romanian now. Do they stop at nothing to pull the wool over your eyes?

To be fair though, this Brazilian romanian looks like she used to be a gadgey.


Looks like Pete burns.

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Well thats a new spin   :lol:
brazilian romanian  ffs
you know if the ee lot ever get their shit together I will be very worried

Offline Darlobloke

At least you can usually spot them a mile off!

Offline Tiger63

Good God....she is vile :thumbsdown:

One of the few times that you hope you get a B&S

Offline Darlobloke

Surely she was a he at some point. Maybe that's the bait and switch. Could end up with his/ her coin purse slapping on your chin.  :scare:

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