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Offline Cosworth89


Saw this WG a couple weeks ago for a 30 min booking at short notice. Anita is an Eastern European WG who actually spoke pretty decent English enough to hold a conversation and small talk with relatively good coms. This was a surprise as past experiences with foreign working girls have made me reluctant. The flat was as described discreet and just off of the Town centre was clean and presentable and was offered a drink before we started. Was not offered a shower either before or after meet but as I was going straight home and had not long showered before wasn't to bothered by that. Also surprisingly the pictures are genuine.

I would be careful if you like long bookings as there is some negative feedback but I can't comment on them myself and also if you like DFK I would look else where as Anita was reluctant although the was some light kissing. Also OWO was not on offer so not for those who are into that.

Overall I got what I was asking for at the time a quick vanilla suck, lick and fuck which is why I am giving a positive would I book if I was after a longer more specific requirement I would have to question but for a service better than some foreign workers I have seen and would see for a short again for sure.

3 review(s) found for xx Anita21 xx linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline pking_paul

Good to know that she is genuine so thanks for the review cossy

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