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Author Topic: Would She Make Your Hot List?  (Read 1896 times)


Unless she genuinely possesses mind blowing oral skills :wacko:

I do like a good BJ  :P

I would but no more than 60 for half hour. As for a grand a night?  :thumbsdown:

Tulip, of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, has denied selling sex and says the profile is a way of 'helping her become a top glamour model' via Adultwork where she charges 150 an hour

fucking hell the retarded bull shit she has come out with !

Offline Ben4454

Depends on the service level she provided. Although i would not do a overnight.
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Offline Jimmyredcab

I don't have a hot list, and if I did she wouldn't be on it.    :bomb:

Offline pking_paul

The family pic on the wall kills it for me straight off - who else will she affect with that??  :thumbsdown:

Offline PaintBrush

Prossie or night club bouncer ?

Offline JG2000

THAT'S my kinda gal! There's something decidedly sexy about those extra curves and that protruding paunch for me. I agree with Mikey about the price though. £1000 a night is a wee bit on the steep side.


No but if she had a daughter that was on the game, then she might be  ;)

Is that a typo that she's 38??

Offline SJ772

Wouldn't touch that even if it was free, she's pig ugly

No thanks. Even if she were the last remaining member of AW, she still wouldn't make my hotlist.  :thumbsdown:

Offline Sonny Crockett

If she did the services I crave = YES
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Offline cat1144

i wouldn't pay for it from a woman i wouldnt give a 2nd look at in a night club

in civvie world if a woman like that came on to me, i'd decline

Offline hullad

No sorry

Just does nothing for me ....

Offline Odd Job

I'd do 30 mins with her subject to services offered, but overnight no chance.

Offline howrude

I would. But I do like the more voluptous type. Facially, maybe not the most prettiest. But She has that dirty look about her which is enough to turn me on.

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