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Author Topic: Kylie Flirt (Glasgow)  (Read 799 times)

Anyone any info on this girl in Glasgow for few days...

Seems mixed reviews and slightly larger than pics ...
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Offline TKovac

She is ok. Dirty thing good for a hard fuck.Probably wouldn't return maybe a plan b/c when really got the horn. Bigger than her pics and is a smoker.

With the exception of an hour for 120, if you'd really want that long with her, at 70/90 she looks extremely average for the money.

Don't do it mate, she is average at best. Her breath stank of a mixture of fags, spunk and mints, was horrible.

Also, her figure is on the large side, you'll be walking out disappointed I promised, one of the shortest and shittest punts of my 20 year career.

Cheers guys... will give a miss then..

Offline bensonhedges20

Her main profile picture is good. The one standing in the right is rough as fuck. Its why i wouldnt go near her. Pictures vs reality may ruin the punt.

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