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Author Topic: Sexy Mature in Southwark  (Read 727 times)

Offline Turtle Z

Looking for a naturally busty milf type type in London I stumbled across this profile which looked promising.   https://www.adultwork.com/1904600

She claims to be 45 and thankfully I checked her private gallery before booking. Can anyone else qualify the naked picture with the clothed woman pictured and does she really think she'll pass for 45?


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Offline pumps

Is it not rule of thumb when looking at a prostitutes profile that you add a precautionary 10 years on top of any advertised age?  But with the prostitute in question even ten doesn't quite seem enough.

Dear Lord - now I remember why I gave up going to boozers.  Women like this would dent my self-confidence by leering at me and trying to pick me up when I was just an innocent 30-something lad. 

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