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Author Topic: AdultWork or Agency - what are the odds of a cracker, or a disaster?  (Read 780 times)

Offline Midlane

Absolutely, some punters have this image that an Agency is a legit business, it isnt, they are an illegal business and with such illegal businesses always come low lifes.

Their involvement means one thing for punters in London, being likely to have to pay what I view as high prices, basically for simply having a web site and phone, money for old rope with prices often starting at £150 an hour and sometimes more. :thumbsdown:

Exactly this. Before AW and UKP there was probably more need for "agencies" whereas now they can generally be avoided.

It's absolutely not just a "London" issue though.
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Offline Midlane

It wasn't the A Levels section by any chance was it?

Yes, 'course it was.

Offline bensonhedges20

Avoid agwnciesat all costs unless its a plan b
Banning reason: Troll

I've tried AW in the past and come to the conclusion that I haven't got the time or patience for contacting girls individually and dealing with their flaky responses.
I typically use a couple of agencies now who are very good at arranging punts by text.  It may cost a bit more per punt but the reduction in hassle is worth it, especially when trying to sort out a same day booking.
Obviously other peoples experiences may vary from mine, as might their perception of how much hassle is it worth going through to get a booking

Offline Estoril

In my experience I've had good and bad experiences with both. 

My first AW experience didn't go well and that put me off and I went back to agency girls.  2 years later thanks to forums and doing a bit more research my 2nd AW punt became one probably my best punts ever.

I don't discount agency girls as there is always someone I see who I really fancy. 

These days Im definitely more cautious and tend to wait to see if I feel a girl has enough positive feedback before taking the plunge. 

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