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Author Topic: ErikaVIP - Aldgate East  (Read 804 times)

Offline Rick2468

I saw this profile at the weekend.


No reviews and looked and I had a feeling the service wouldn't be good but I found the photos good and fancied a quick bash on her. Nothing came of it and when I logged on today the photos in the public gallery have all changed and seem to be a different girl. The prices have also gone down about £20.

Does anyone know who the girl on the main profile is?

2 review(s) found for Melly_Mellysa linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

The AW profile phone number matches an advert posted on the 19/1/2016 for
"ErikaVIP" which looks like a local based Agency/Collective in East London.

The Vivastreet listing was updated today, the pictures showing "Erika" with long straight hair
whereas the one on the AW profile "Erika" has wavy hair.

Offline Jason

I met her flatmate - I may write a review for her later. Both girls used to charge £120 but now they dropped it down to £100. I visited Erika's flatmate twice, one before and one after the price drop, and she was the same person. I met Erika in person too - we greeted each other in the flat. When I saw her it was late during the night, Erika had just finished work and had her makeup completely removed. It is perhaps unfair to judge her without makeup given that she does use makeup when she is working but anyway facially what I saw was inferior compared to her pictures (like for example this one here). The face I saw was 6.8/10-7.0/10 in my scale (version 2.0) while the one in the linked picture is 8.1/10-8.2/10. I guess though with makeup she transforms like the girl in the video here. I can’t testify this though. But I can confirm that the AW profile pictures are real (albeit inaccurate when Erika removes her makeup). Her hair was straight by the way as in the Vivastreet ad - the pics in the Vivastreet ad are much more accurate.

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