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Author Topic: Antoni Farnboro - Borderline Positive  (Read 577 times)

6 review(s) for Antoni@ (4 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline thekman100

https://www.adultwork.com/2750544 or https://www.adultwork.com/Antoni%40

The local area is a bloody desert now, I've not punted in weeks and it genuinely was beginning to effect my mood! So, found Atoni, the one profile which had enough feedback on AW to make me think she was genuinely the girl in the photos and she doesn't bloomin' offer bareback!

I walked in knowing it would probably be a very vanilla service.

Comms were pretty good, time arranged by text and then a call closer the location. It was in the dreaded area of flats I've never had a decent experience so when I had 'be ready in 3 mins' I expected the worst. But she called and then guided me in. Superb english btw, I was most surprised.

So, Antoni is facially attractive and has a lovely curvy body. It works for her. Lovely set of boobs. She was quite chatty without being too chatty and we broke the ice quite easily. She is most definitely the girl in the pic, though it is a clever angle so it hides her curves. Don't expect a model but she is attractive none the less and shows you don't have to be stick thin. I think she needs a 2nd shot with a better show of her boobs.

The room is top notch, proper bed and proper bedroom surrounding. A bit too warm though.

So, I asked for OWO and she said it was at discretion (it also says OWO on profile) and as I found her cute and I didn't have my hopes up, I let it slide. I didn't even bother to ask about FK! I can't imagine when OWO will actually be offered.

OW was good, well above average and some deep throating. It did make me wish it was OWO though! But, fair play. I enjoyed it. Especially when she called my penis 'perfect' and went into detail why!  :yahoo: haha.

Cowgirl was very good and she told me I was her first of the day (3pm!) and so I genuinely think she was horny. She went for it, and then so did I. She was saying not to make her scream and initially I thought it an act but as the punt went on..I don't think it was!

Missionary next, good. Then Doggy. At this point she was incredibly wet. So much so...that we lost quite a bit of friction and for once I wasn't going to cum doggy. Back to mish when I really went to town and she loved it (or acted very well) and I announced I was going to cum all over her..Sadly this was a no no.  :thumbsdown:

She got off the bed and said i want to see you cum and turned on the beside lamp. This was quite erotic and genuine I thought! Initially she looked at my cock and wanked herself off but I begged her to finish me and she did. I had an excellent extended orgasm. Much needed. So much needed! However, nowhere near her body...man those tits would have looked great with a covering.

So, why the neutral? Simple. No kissing of any sort, even as a kiss goodbye (Cunning if you are reading..a big NO for you!), no OWO, or COB. There are so many things listed on her profile which I am sure are never offered. If these were not listed on her profile then it would be a positive. Simple!

if you are looking for a completely vanilla punt. Then for £60, she is attractive, loooovely boobs and a good shag. But not a GFE or PSE, through lack of services.

I cannot give her a positive but I would return, if that makes sense (and showing the lack of options locally). I will work hard on OWO next time.

Happy Punting.

6 review(s) found for Antoni@ linked to in above post (4 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

No kissing of any sort, even as a kiss goodbye (Cunning if you are reading..a big NO for you!), no OWO, or COB.


Ha ha. Yes, I am - and thanks for TOFTT, the good review and the heads-up!

she told me I was her first of the day (3pm!) and so I genuinely think she was horny. She went for it, and then so did I...At this point she was incredibly wet.

It sounds like you got a typical Romanian WG at her best, which still isn't a positive rating. She was probably more eager to please, though I wouldn't put it past Romanian girls to lie.

I will keep her as back-up if I don't want to travel too far, but if I were going for a Romanian WG in Farnborough, I would probably go back to Clara/Eleyna because of those massive breasts.

Offline thekman100

It was actually a pleasure to TOFTT.

As for Clara, thats a coincidence. I said to Antoni that I didn't like these flats as I've been stood up at least twice there. Once by Clara who I know for a fact saw me exit my car and then turned her phone off. It turns out she doesn't like asian men. She later made that quite clear on her profile 'No Asian, No Asian, No Asian'. Nice.

I've no idea if she still has it on as I've blacklisted her!

As regards to Antoni, she would have got an positive but with a clear conscience I cannot give her that with so many false services listed on her profile.
« Last Edit: January 28, 2016, 03:15:42 AM by thekman100 »

 Thanks for the review and TOFTT, she is one i've been tempted by, looks good facially, but when you say curvy is that being polite? I don't mind curves, but big old cellulite arses and thunder thighs don't do it for me. What size would you say she is? And is she toned or flabby? Being spoilt by the fit petite types has made me a fussy old git!

Offline thekman100

Curved not chubby mate. i reckon you'll be okay and her boobs are lovely! No idea on dress sizes! lol

Worth a try for £60 but i think she said her last day was Monday 1st...not sure.

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