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Author Topic: EscortScarlett  (Read 719 times)

15 review(s) for Escortscarlett (14 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

 https://www.adultwork.com/3198471 or https://www.adultwork.com/Escortscarlett

Fee: £80 for 45 minutes no extras
Location: Bately, Leeds
Comms: 5/5
Venue rating: 4/5
Action: GFE including a levels at no extra cost
Overall rating: 4/5

I was working in the Leeds area so thought I sample the local delights. Had a look on AW but none of the profiles really did it for me apart from Cathy the Famous. Started off a new topic to get more info about her and the replies were generally positive apart from what Stevedave said about her age. That kind of put me off so spent a few minutes going through Steve's reviews and the one on Scarlett stood out for me. Sent Scarlett a message via AW regarding dates and services. She replied promptly stating there were no extras and a levels were included in standard rates. Music to my hears  :yahoo: Got in touch again the morning of the agreed date and she duly replied with her address.

I arrived a bit early and scouted the area. Spotted her house and parked out of sight as per precautions. The area is nice and quiet. It's also very easy to find considering I don't know the area. However I didn't spot any public transport links, so not sure if you can get there without driving. Sent her a message saying I was ready whenever she was. She replied straight away saying yes she was.

Onto the venue then. First impressions are good. Scarlett ushers me in hidden behind the door. She really is an attractive MILF. IMHO her stated age of 41 is true. This is refreshing as quite a lot of WGs lie about their ages on AW. Anyway she's wearing a black dressing gown with a black lingerie set underneath. Very classy and sexy I thought. I can feel the excitement rising up in my trousers. Her house is clean and tidy. Unfortunately she has a cat which is locked away in the living room. Drinks and shower offered but I refused both. Just wanted to get my hands on her without messing about with drinks, shower etc.

We took things upstairs with Scarlett leading the way and her bum swaying from left to right in my face as she walked up the stairs HUBBA HUBBA  :wackogirl: Got to the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. Discreetly placed the fee on the side cupboard as we chatted about my likes. There are pictures of her kids next to the bed which didn't really bother me. Scarlett then took off her dressing gown and leaned over for a bit of light kissing then DFK. I ran my hands all over her smooth skin and grabbed her bum. Then asked her to turn round whilst standing and bend over for me. This she did and boy does she have a nice arse. Nice and smooth. Her profile pic on AW really does it justice. A 41 year old woman with a 20 year old figure. Kissed both cheeks and pulled up her knickers so they looked like a g string. Then spanked them, leaving my imprint. We carried on kissing and slowly undressed each other. As she undressed me, she stroked my stiff cock in a teasing way. Now you think her bum is nice, wait till you see her natural tits. Once again have a look at AW. Sucked on them for a few minutes till she was ready to suck my cock. Her OWO technique is good and involves a lot of saliva. Had to muster all the self discipline I had not to pop. I really could have just stayed there all day with her sucking me off. It was relaxing and enjoyable at the same time. Next up 69. Scarlett placed her smooth clean shaven pussy on my face and carried on sucking my cock. I on the other hand grabbed hold of her butt cheeks, flicked her clit with my tongue and inserted a finger or 2 into her bumhole. This got a response from her and she was dripping all over my tongue. Next thing she's unable to suck properly and instead fucks my long tongue. She came not long after with a nice great moan filled with pleasure. Time to podge. On with the large rubber and doggystyle for some a levels. I slowly inserted my cock into her bumhole till she was comfortable. She really is tight down there. Conscious of time, I quickened my pace and got carried away. No more self discipline with her bum smacking against my thighs making that distinctive clapping sound. I really did it go for it and Scarlett edged me on with moans. Normally I am careful not to go too hard during a levels but this time around I pounded her hard. The sap starts to rise and I grabbed hold of her bum. This is going to be spectacular I thought to myself. Think Scarlett kind of new what was coming as she stuck her bum out further and stroked my balls. I carried on podging for queen and country till I erupted like Mt Vesuvius. Boy that was a lot of work. Had to settle down to get my bearings. Cleaned up as usual and had a shower. Came out of the shower and was offered a timely cup of tea. Got dressed and went downstairs. We both chatted about our various sexual experiences over a cup of tea. An hour after I walked into the door we said our goodbyes. Work beckoned.

I really enjoyed seeing this lady. She's very hospitable and clearly enjoys sex. Her pictures on AW are definitely true and she's an attractive MILF. You guys in Leeds have a gem in her. She's too far for me to be a regular but will be back next time I am working in Leeds. I have a feeling the north west podging team will soon be alerted to her. Definitely recommend.

15 review(s) found for Escortscarlett linked to in above post (14 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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