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Offline johnbordeaux

Met Stunning Julie https://www.adultwork.com/1880063 recently.

She was in a new block of flats Acton/Chiswick borders.  Kind of surprsing how nice it was actually, which is nice for a change!  Parking is ok, its one of those oddities where its permit holders between 3 and 4pm (and an hour in the morning iirc). 

She is in the UK for now, but i understand she is between poland and the uk a lot, so will be back home for weeks and then (hopefully) back here. 

She was very very sweet - and clearly well educated.  Has a real alluring beauty.  Possibly the best looking girl i've been with.  She has a lovely natural body, not gym toned, but natural and perfect with great breasts, 5 ft 6 or so.  She was in just panties and a bra and looked sensational.  Face i'd say is a 9.5/10 for me; body 9/10. 

She was so sweet that it really is a gfe - i was a bit surprised she does A for extra but maybe it was just my take on her. 

Oral was great, not the best i've ever had but was very good.  Her sweet personality shines through during the punt.  What a lovely lovely girl:)  One of those that one wonders what brings her into this work? Obvoiusly money but she's almost too sweet for it. 

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26 review(s) found for Stunning Julie linked to in above post (17 positive, 6 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline mash

You forgot to tell others to treat her well.  ;)

If only someone would come along and whisk her out of this life of drudgery and shame.  Clean her up, buy her new outfits, and you know, respect her, be true to her and ... treat her like a Pretty Woman.

Offline johnbordeaux

Yeah i know its all a bit gushy eh?  There's a potentially lucky guy out there somewhere to usurp Sergei......and no doubt get stung in the process!
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one wonders what brings her into this work?
My hunch is that she wants to settle down and is looking for Mr Right.  A levels, playing bridge, salsa lessons etc are each a great way of meeting members of the opposite sex in a social environment.

Offline Nagilum

Glad you had fun OP. I hope you read my review on her  :cool:

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