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Author Topic: Introverted punters  (Read 1994 times)

Offline Nagilum

Curious as to how other introverts handle punting. I have a hard time getting accross what i want to the WG and i know it's my time and I've paid etc but i have a need to not offend or upset so tend to go with the flow rather than take what i want.

I see some of the romanian threads here and know they would take me for a total ride and I'd be upset about it but would never tell her to get fucked or anything.

That's why i always book via text and am very specific about what i want. Always hope that she has a good memory and gives a shit.

Just curious how many other here like me and how do you deal with punting?

It gets better in time, many punters wont admit that they felt this way at some point, but its normal and you are not isolated.

When you have punted more you will naturally ease into in and start to see it for it is - a service.

You feel you do not want to offend because you are used to civvie relationships, but this is different. You are the buying customer and you can complain or request as you see fit, provided its on offer.  Would you go into KFC and orders some breasts, would you settle because you got some leg instead?  ;)

I wouldn't say I'm introverted but I am a bit shy and get very anxious, so trying anything new I'm a nervous wreck. But once I get used to it I am ok and the more confident I'll get.

Offline howrude

I was quite shy and introverted when I first started but it's something that you move away from the more you do it. And it's great fun to see yourself become more relaxed. For instance, I would have been too nervous to ask a WG if she'd give me a titwank. The thing to remember is that you don't actually know these women. You won't be seeing them in your real life. So that would always ease things for me a bit.

Its weird Im supremely shy in general everyday life but when with a WG I am very confident but very polite and although I tend to go with the flow get what to do what I wanted to do.Wish I could be as easy going in more normal social situations

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