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Author Topic: Jessicxxx - Merton  (Read 2226 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2774631 or https://www.adultwork.com/JeSsIcxxx

All Arranged by text. Very straightforward and easy. Saw another thread on here about requesting what a WG wears so requested that Jessica be naked when she answers the door which she agreed to.

2 hour drive to get there (traffic) but arrived on time as I left early. Nice big Sainsbury car park nearby with free parking. Her flat is about 1 minutes walk from there

Rang the bell and she buzzed me in. Already told me the floor and flat number on text so went up. She was absolutely naked as requested and has some massive tits on her. Fake baps but I prefer that as they were nice and firm (and big  :wackogirl:).

Body wise she is not skinny but definitely not fat. Also quite tall. I do prefer real skinny shorter girls but whatever. Boobs made up for it  :)

Already told her via text that I wanted 1 hour OWO, deepthroat, anal, all that shit and she confirmed the service and price before we started. £120 plus extra £20 for anal which is stated on her AW profile. Also asked me how many times I wanted to cum which I've never been asked before so thought that was a good little touch. I told her that we'll just see how it goes

Not a lot of chit chat (thank god) and she dropped to her knees and started with OWO. Not balls deep (is it ever?) but good suction and deep enough that it felt really nice and I couldn't stop playing with her tits while she sucked me. Held onto her hair and pumped her mouth a bit which she didn't seem to mind and made me feel like a bit of a sexual master.

Lay on the bed where she continued the OWO, same great suction, not too much hand etc. I must state that I'm one of those guys who takes ages to cum and the BJ felt so nice that I never got round to anything else She did ask a few times if I wanted to change to sex which I declined. Enjoyed a 40 minute BJ and came in her mouth. She doesn't swallow which is a shame so she spat it out into tissue and cleaned me up with a baby wipe. Asked if I wanted a massage which I accepted. Was pretty shit massage but that's not why I was there so wasn't bothered.

Got dressed, peck on the lips then out the door feeling good


parking ok
Looks amazing. Big, firm, fake tits, quite attractive facially. Big lips, probably fake too
Nice OWO for 40 minutes. Didn't slow down or get tired or upset by it or anything
Paid extra for anal but I never took it which which is weak but my fault

Never seen the same girl twice but probably would with this one. Despite the disttance. Next time will put it in her arse for sure though

10 review(s) found for JeSsIcxxx linked to in above post (10 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline GBush


she's one of my go to girls for anal and I've reviewed her here.

I'm crap with age!  How old do you think she is?

Banning reason: Previously banned (The Real Midas Touch)

I'm terrible with age too, but I'd guess maybe 30ish

Offline GBush

I'm terrible with age too, but I'd guess maybe 30ish

good call.  I'd say 30
Banning reason: Previously banned (The Real Midas Touch)

Online holland

Its a pity that the op didnt do anal with her. Its like going to Paris and miss the eiffel tower..with respect.. :hi:..but this one is well up for it. :yahoo:..I met her some time ago and i went for anal straight away.  She really loves it. She was masturbating while i was fucking her arse and slap her cheeks. I cant forget that. She really enjoyed. She is away now..hopefully she ll be back soon :angelgirl:

I will see her again at some point and pop it in her bum but yeah she's away until april so have to wait

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