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Author Topic: Sophia B Glasgow tour / Edinburgh Usually  (Read 1577 times)

22 review(s) for Sophia-Belle (18 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline bensonhedges20

SophiaB / Sophia B

Having had some average punts lately this comes as a breath of fresh air.

Cleanliness 10/10
Services provided 10/10
Attitude 10/10
Personality 10/10
Looks 9/10 (only kristin kreuk gets a 10)

Located in a good hotel (4* near the bendy bridges)

Was ready on time with my desired outfit: black LBD and heels with lingerie underneath.

Was ready at the right time. Made my way up to be greeted with a drop dead gorgeous girl. Was expecting the worst having had some average punts - how wrong was I.

Been to the hotel before so knew how to get in and out discreetly.

She greeted me with a welcome kiss (and hug i think). Paperwork out the way.

We went straight to DFK. Kisses with passion.  I provided oral to her and fingered her after removing her underwear (still dressed in her lbd). She was responsive and seemed to enjoy herself. No fake oohs or aahs but definately felt like she liked it. Felt natural like a gf. Infact she felt like a gf throughout the punt. No awkward silences and definately some fun moments.

Stood up and she took the lead and had dfk while she removed my clothing layer by layer. I responded and did the same to her.

Afterwards she provided oral to me. Good technique and mixes it up. Good BJ and went at it a while. Owo with cim and swallow performed with enthusiasm.

We talked for a while and then went for round two after a cleanup.

Had sex in various positions. She isnt one to prompt and felt natural and at ease. She was responsive. Seemed to enjoy herself.

Had some more chat and had fun again.

Not one if your a boob man but she makes up for it in other ways.
Located in the wrong city. The muppets in Edinburgh have it all :/

1- resembles her pictures
2- looks hotter in the flesh. Think a hot HoF staffer that  you would love to fuck or a gnd.
3- enthusiastic and seemed to enjoy her self. She isnt jaded and likes what she does. Very relaxed, enthusiastic and seemed to enjoy herself. Could be a good actress but i believe she atleast likes the job.
4- not a clock watcher
5- wore outfit as requested to a T.
6- smelled nice and was clean. Nice choice of hotel.
7- kept up to to date and good comms leading tk the punt
8- eager to please. None of the usual "clothes off" or "prompting". Eager and initiated round two.
9- has a good head on her. Ability to.converse and engage

Can go on....

If your looking for a great gfe Look no further. Age as per her profile. Not jaded, still has the fresh feel about her.

Seems to like her job and no reason to believe nothing on her likes list isnt available.

Lastly, she has her own way of doing things and has a certain touch and look about her which is refreshing and makes her different from others.
She has a glint in her eye and makes effort to ensure you enjoy yourself from the first till the last minute. You know from initiation that its going to be a good punt.

Catch her while you can but i know im going to regret making this review but she deserves it. Definately a hidden gem.

Its worth commuting to edinburgh for as glasgows talent doesnt come near.

In glasgow today (wednesday) and then shes gone i believe

Would I reccommend: yes
Would i visit again: yes

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22 review(s) found for Sophia-Belle linked to in above post (18 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Santiago


nice review, couldnt agree more, great girl and a breath of fresh air.....
Sophia is pretty hard to beat, allow very small boobs she makes up for it with everything else  :hi:

less of the muppets though  :P

Offline bensonhedges20

One of the rarer profies where the pictures, dress size (8), and age are actually accurate

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Offline seeker

Pity she doesn't do a 30 minutes booking  :(
Looks lovely.

Offline Roger De Her

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Offline bensonhedges20

I dont get the feeling she ever will.

Its not her persona. She likes the relaxed environment imo.

Not a pump n dump escort imo

Stayed a little over but wasnt rushed for me to leave

Rare to find someone organised
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Offline Roger De Her

I suspect your right B&H - I saw her for a half hour back last July when she started, and that was fine, but I'm no superman and ( with a couple of frustrating exceptions ) an hour is too much and blows too big a hole in the  weekly punt budget on a single visit.

She's obviously busy enough, but its a bit frustrating.Despite that, if I've got it right, its still difficult to get a booking these days... Well prepared profile!


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Offline RandyF

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