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Author Topic: What is it with 'likes' on AdultWork?  (Read 539 times)

Offline luvfilm

Am I the only one frustrated but it seems to me that it is impossible to search for a WG on AW these days. You do the search and identify your hotlist, contact the girls and ask about what you want and bamm, 'I dont do that' . I have taken to always emailing first to ask as soo many times I show up to be told after making a long journey.  I like occasionally a-level and filming and this has happened too many times.  Between being told by whoever answers the phone that yes that is fine honey to that is an extra to then get I dont do that at the time. Obviously the idea is that your brain is replaced by some other decision making mechanism when you are there but we are the ones always accused of being timewasters.

The latest one for me is https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3340763 Exotic Chantel 19, has it on the profile and then says I dont do it. But then they still dont remove it from their profile.

Sure the excuse it is a language thing but thats bs most of the time. If you report it to AW I doubt anything will happen. Obviously everything is at discretion but f..k is it frustrating...

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Offline Steely Dan

Welcome to UKP.  Share your pain about AW.

I am not excusing this shit, but Adult Work has been like this forever.  It is nothing new. So I (gently) don't agree with the words 'these days'. All days! Look at the first 100 posts on this site from years ago ... many describe the same shit.

So that is why UKP exists.  Look on AW.  Find a girl. But then, put her number in the search here.  If no results, move on, plenty of fish in the sea.  If you really want to take one for the team, that is fine, but if you do it too often, you will feel ripped off.  There are thousands of good girls reviewed here.  No need to TOFTT too often. (Though we like it if you do it sometimes and post a review).
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I am a supporter of lazy girls/Sergei's who tick everything, obviously I take it all with a pinch of salt, but it is great business for me.

Its hilarious to turn up as a couple. when they have ticked everything (incuding the 'with couples MF'). If we walk, they have the next hour with nothing to do. We are not aking for hard anal fisting or anything that would be deemed a bit stronger, clearly they get conflicted.
My GF/partner says "well you ticked the box couples. The tact then changes to "more money for two", cue the GF "it doesnt say that in the advert, seeya then, we will find someone else"

Not once, have they let us walk  :D

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