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Author Topic: Any seen x princess sharna x?  (Read 1703 times)

Offline BoShek

https://www.adultwork.com/3322457 or https://www.adultwork.com/x+princess+sharna+x

New profile...I call and she confirmed all services I wanted; A-Levels, OWO, CIM, Facials and even filming our session :dance:
But at £70 for 30 mins, no extra cost and her good looks and body, it seems too go to be true.
Anyone had a pop at her before? Maybe under another name?

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Offline Ming

Seems TGTBT in my opinion, but like you I was tempted so I rang her to discuss.

Got a nice voice on the phone and before I could say anything much I was told "go to the ...... hotel in Oldbury and call me when you are outside", with which she put the phone down - WTF.  :unknown:

I suspect this is going to be disappointing or a conveyor belt service, hope I am wrong and others may TOFTT, be interesting to find out, but based on my one call I am disinclined to experiment....

Ming  :hi:

Offline BoShek

Thanks Ming  :thumbsup:

When I spoke with her yesterday she was at the Cobden Hotel Hagley road. Hmmm!

She hurried me off the phone too, said she had a client at the door.

Yep, think I'll give this one a miss.

If anyone TOFTT please report back and let us know if she's at least the girl in the pics.

Offline getonit

If anyone TOFTT please report back and let us know if she's at least the girl in the pics.

verification pic certainly looks like her :

Online el-grecko

Today she's in London. Gave her a couple of rings but no answer. Would be willing to TOFTT as it's nearby...  :D

Offline Ming

Experience is telling me it's a scam.

When I rang yesterday there was little interaction, she did not want to ask about me, what I wanted, how long I wanted when I wanted? she just said to go to a very posh hotel (which rang alarm bells in itself) and call when outside, alarm bells were well and truly ringing, and now she's in London, mmmmmmm

I would love to be proved wrong, but I seriously doubt the authenticity of this profile, I suspect it is a convincing PG scam or such like??

Ming  :hi:

Offline BoShek

That's exactly what I was thinking Ming.

"getonit" - I'm sure the girl in the verification pic is also the one in the profile photos. The thing is, will she be the person you'll meet. And now she's in London, definitely sounds like a scam  :thumbsdown:

If you're gonna see her "el-grecko", take a crap punting phone and keep your money in the car if you're driving there, just in case it's a robbery.
Not saying that'll happen just be cautious.

TOFTed but regretted it. Pictures are very flattering compared with reality. A few clothes sizes larger than expected. Lots of services not provided. Doesn't look like verification pic, but does look a bit like older, less attractive version of other pics. Probably about 25. Put me off punting a bit tbh.

Offline BoShek

Thanks for letting us know SYG  :thumbsup:

Offline ibet

Had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting her whilst she was in a Finchley Road Hotel, managed to provide filming which was one of the only positives. I would also agree with her stated age of 19 and she had a great arse that needed a pounding. The pic above is a true resemblance of Sharna acne and all.   

Negatives include not providing any sort of GFE, very cold and one word answers... managed to receive oral (with my preference), reverse oral and doggy before I shot my load and then after initiating a 2nd round was told that I pay for the service and not the time... this too after initially convincing me to stay an hour (thought with my balls and not my head as I usually strictly see new WGs for half an hour on the first meet).

Was also told that to interact any further (filming non sexual) she would have to let her boss (pimp) know and that he would not be too happy.... decided to just leave and avoid any confrontation.

Offline Candyman

That sounds very odd ibet, they usually say you are paying for time and not service. Was she English as profile says she is but is full of bad spelling?
A review would be helpful if you have time...

Offline kianababe

TINYpic does not show a great body like the gallery
Banning reason: Posting trash

Offline Ming

Just a word of warning that this bint has returned under a new name of New barbie perfect, see thread below;


Seems to be up to her old tricks.

Ming  :hi:

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