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Author Topic: Fit GFE girl in Maidenhead  (Read 1474 times)

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 https://www.adultwork.com/2836961 or https://www.adultwork.com/Karolina+Smith
The girl in the pics and cracking body, which i went over inch by inch.
Nice big soft lips for kissing. didnt try and tongue fight but certainly enjoyed kissing while fucking.
All sorts of positions and she was very much smiling and willing to please.

NOT a clock watcher and in fact I ended up staying good 15 mins over the allocated time.
After a comprehensive session, she was kind as to give me a very nice massage with oil, followed by a nice hot shower before she slapped me on the bum and said enjoy the rest of my day.

Very tempted to revisit the apartment next to Sainburys - where I had parked my car.

I believe she will be there for a week or two and worth a visit if you like those gym body types ;)

1 review(s) found for Karolina Smith linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Looks good. Profile says she's Spanish? Is that right?

Any ideas on why she has no reviews after a year on AW?

Offline James999

Looks good. Profile says she's Spanish? Is that right?

Any ideas on why she has no reviews after a year on AW?

Spanish usually means Romanian  :wacko:

She does have FB on AW  :thumbsdown:

18/02/2015 16:01   Seeking Services
A disgrace. Arranged the booking two days before, confirmed on the day but when I arrived, phone went to voicemail and no reply to texts, then or later. AVOID!

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100% latina girl. If its not the girl in the pic, then walk but I saw the girl in pics. Her English was pretty good for a girl travelling round the world.
Its a building next to Sainburys and have seen different girls in two different apartments there.
The girls change weekly/fortnightly.
I do think these girls get trains in from London and maybe why she or her maid fucked you about, which is a shame as I had a great kissing and fucking session with her.

even great girls have bad days or just had enough due to bla bla.

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cant trust AW profiles as they are made and swapped for girls as new girls arrive. pretty stupid and lazt by pimps as it makes the girl look bad that she has no reviews after 6months or years!!

Offline smiley

..........and I have to report my very recent experience was a classic 'bait and switch'. The girl who greeted me in the flat above Sainsbury's in Maidenhead was not the gorgeous Spanish lady whose images adorn the AW profile - and the 'room' I was ushered to was a windowless box with a single bed.

I immediately 'presented my apologies' and walked (didn't realise I had the courage!) and later, when reviewing the AW entry to ascertain how I had been so easily duped, I realised that the profile text of Ms Karolina Smith is a dead 'steal' of that belonging to Laura Super Star - that deservedly well reviewed and worshipped icon of the profession!  Go top

     https://www.adultwork.com/1900894 or https://www.adultwork.com/Laura+Super+Star+

and compare with Ms Karolina Smith -  and draw your own conclusions - but , in any event take care!

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LOL - I noticed some Romanians had copied LSS name/title - guess the main thing is, you walked and good for you :thumbsup:

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