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Author Topic: Charlotte wild E12  (Read 485 times)

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Fancied booking a proper dirty girl, this profile seemed to fit the bill so I thought I'd TOFTT

Booked which initially was ok, she sounded good and we arranged a 15:00 appointment.
However She didn't send the postcode until prompted.
Travelled fucking miles, nightmare to park but found somewhere eventually and waited until ten before the agreed time and sent a text.
Quelle surprise, nothing, no response.
As I was a possible 5-10 minute walk from her I sent a text saying I was off. 30 mins later received a text saying she was ready now... No address however!!
Time waster

1 review(s) found for Charlotte-Wild linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

If it's any consolation, I think you avoided a potential Bait & Switch profile.
Examine the enclosed picture from "Charlotte's" AW profile below,

upload a picture

Via reverse image analysis there are lots of matches, as for example this image/match. Scroll down to the fourth image on webpage.

Thanks for the research AsiaDude
Looks like I saved £120 then

Offline NightKid

Also, she was listing 'Bareback' and 'Unprotected Sex' several days ago when I first saw the profile - she still lists 'Unprotected Sex' as of this writing.

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