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£150 hour
Easy to book, HC efficiency
Paddington (can't remember exactly were!)

Pictures have been photoshopped to within an inch of there lives!!
Older by a good few years,
Very forgettable, can't actually remember much about it considering it was a couple of weeks ago.
FK funky breath!  OWO and CIM.
Not a negative experience but not positive either.
5/10 looks
7/10 service
Sorry about the lack of info, as I said, very forgettable

Thanks. Her pics crop up on loads of agency websites (often as Amanda, or Marybeea), and I've wondered if she was as good as her pics. Does anyone know if it's the same girl, or is this a stock set of photos that agencies use to cover a generic 5ft8 brunette from Eastern Europe?

Spelling! "Where" not "were"

The pictures are so unlike her they could easily be of somebody else


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Mary offers a duo with Rubina who I've seen, she looks like an older, tired, washed out version of her photos and delivers great sex but moans like fuck about agencies and other punters, she's been at it too long and needs to retire. I was half considering a duo but this review of Mary has put me off, thanks for saving me time and money OP.