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Author Topic: Natural Wellness Massage Southgate n14  (Read 3067 times)

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Offline diddy

I finally got here, and glad I did.

Venue: Shopfront behind Southgate tube station in the parade of shops that has a good costume/party shop close by. Not very discreet therefore I suppose but on the other hand it looks very modern and smart so doubt anyone would snigger on the way out..avoid rush hour though as there is a herd of commuters coming out this station increasing the chances of being spotted exponentially


Date: Early Jan 2016, daytime (they are open I think from 10am-10pm)

Cost: 45 quid for an hours relaxing massage plus 40 quid for B2B (not worth the extra 20 quid ill stick with HE next time for 20 quid)

Description: A friendly Chinese lady on the desk takes the first part of the money, always two or three working apparently but only one does all the extras If i understood it right... I asked with a smile immediately on entering the massage room if there were any extra bits to the girl who arrived so there was no doubt what I wanted. Personally I was content with any of the three I saw. Usual HE or B2B offered and paperwork concluded with very minor haggling.

Clean and nice rooms, warm with music and candles etc, lovely hot oil, proper massage table with paper towel, shower.
I thought Id try the full body 2 body here, it was nothing special, just tits rubbing on me but tit sucking was allowed and encouraged almost which was nice. Sucking tits and being wanked off with that hot oil at the same time is a wonderful sensory experience, intimate sensual and rude all at the same time..So it was about 30 mins massageon my front with the odd wandering hand, then I was turned over, she got her top off and spent the rest of the time on the table with me plus a very nice slow oily HJ..had shower to finish and left feeling as good as one should after a hour long warm oily massage and wank off...

I debate this a lot in my mind and although 90 pounds for an hour without a fuck aint cheap, it is however a very unique feeling though and is almost a guaranteed good time so Im going to go less often but always have the hour to really get into it. BTW try having a little blast of Bob marleys favourite beforehand, it doubles the pleasure as there is no performance element to it, its literally lie back and zone out, heaven.. :lol: :lol: :cool:  :cool:

Im still scanning reviews to see where /who uses a proper inflated bed/lilo for a proper B2B soapy or nuru massage in North London, any tips? Doesnt have to offer full service, HE or BJ is fine as long as its a proper slide on a air mattress...

Offline landseer

That reflects my only time there a couple of months ago with Julie (pronounced 'yoolie'). She was what could be described as pear shaped. Lovely, humourous, chatty lady who was eager to please. Appeared that BJ and DATY is not on the menu, or at least certainly not with Julie.

Nice experience but would not repeat as I don't regard it as VFM. If the price was £60 pr less, I would be tempted. At current prices, Lian/Ex is just down the road only £5 more. Although I haven't met Sensual Brigit, based on reviews, it appears she would be better value too.

Offline diddy

Thats the bit I debate, whether its better to get a proper shag elsewhere for the same sort of cost but there's something a lot more wholesome and dreamy about a good quality massage and and oily hand, for now at any rate. Also I used to be more concerned about the VFM, now I value the experience above all else as for me nowadays its less of a frequent thing and less obsessive..having said that the search goes on though because as a previous reviewer mentioned of this place he got a full on proper b2b so thats the first quest locally and as mentioned the main quest is to reproduce thailands finest export, the Tora (or Tora Tora if you can handle it) soapy massage on a lilo..oh the memories..So far the nearest seems to be that place in Northhampton with a special soap room and fucking great lilo filling half the picture on their web site..there must be a lilo nearer than that with my name on it :D

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