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Was in town on Friday staying over for work and had emailed Amelia the week before. We confirmed in the morning all was still ok and messaged her my room details late afternoon. I had booked an hour meet with her around 5.30.

Felt awkward since the hotel has a key entry for the lift and so met Amelia downstairs outside. I did feel at the time that the hotel concierge knew exactly what was going on as I walked in with a hotly dressed young girl, cleavage on show. However after the initial anxiety there was a slight thrill to it!

We got to the room and poured a glass of champagne while Amelia did what she needed to do in the bathroom. She proceeded to lay across this large bed as I handed the glass to her. Quick cheers and we started swapping champagne followed by some DFK. Amelia undid my pants and grabbed my cock and pushed me on to the bed. Before I could prep myself it was in her mouth. What a feeling. Lots of spit, licking and sucking on my balls. Whilst doing this she removed her clothing leaving just her bra and panties. The panties were so thin I did ask whether it was worth wearing any at all which got a giggle. Under those panties were a beautiful set of lips, the sort you can wrap your cock round. I flipped her over to start my appetiser. She was delicious and seemed to enjoy my licking, sucking and fingering. We were mutually enjoying each other for about 20 mins I would say before she said it was time to sort me out. The skill was incredible because it was a couple minutes from there and I was exploding in her mouth.

More champagne and a bit of a chat followed whilst I caressed her bottom, occasionally slipping a finger in. Amelia definitely seems to have her head screwed on in terms of what she wants to achieve. We did have a chuckle as to why so many Polish girls have names on AW starting with "A". Not sure I got a real answer but then wasn't my priority. I know this has been mentioned on here before.

She then said she wanted me to fuck her with her dirty voice, which in itself got me hard again. This time knowing I was going out for a "Black Tie" event she asked me to put it on but leave my cock out as she wanted me to fuck in my DJ. I did feel a little James Bondish at this point!! As I got changed she got the rubber and ripped the packet throwing it across the room. It just looked so dirty as she did this walking naked across the room. She grabbed my tie and put it round her neck and said "fuck me hard". All the right noises and lots of positions on the edge of the bed with her legs over my shoulders, doggy, spoons. Being the wrong end of 40 the little lad needed some assistance but watching her play with herself and sticking her finger in with my cock as well got him going again when i finally came. She was quite vocal and made the right nosies at the right time to make you feel she was enjoying it as much as I was.

We had a chat and a clean up but she was in no rush to leave. We finished our drinks and she made her way out to what was going to be a long weekend of partying.

I would definitely see her again the next time I am down there and as I understand it she does threesomes so may ask her to bring a friend. GVFM and she certainly provides a fantastic service.

13 review(s) found for _~Amelia~_ linked to in above post (7 positive, 2 neutral, 4 negative)

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