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Author Topic: No phone number no point!  (Read 2130 times)

Offline ParisB

i have it clear on my website please call me or text me as its easier to get hold of me quickly that way,   i have my phone number on my profile all the time its £1 a day which is fuck all ( imo) even on the days that I'm not working it stays showing
and i do my best to answer my calls even if I'm not working

  however  with emails  you get guys emailing you wanting appointments and the email are so bland  i.e.  are you availble  ect  with no details, no info on when they want to see you  and for what time and when   So i will  happily admit that these get ignored   and by that i mean i dont hurry to answer them

those emails that are more specific i.e.  are you availble at xxx time for xxx hours on xxx date or today will get a prompt and detailed reply same with texts 

also not always am i able to log in especially if I'm touring and in a hotel or something as internet access might not be good

however even those email are bland and with no detail will get a response from me at some point in the day explaining that i missed their email and telling them the best way to contact me in the future

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