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Author Topic: megansweet 22, London-Lewisham (touring Edinburgh)  (Read 807 times)

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Offline Roger De Her

https://www.adultwork.com/2141965 or https://www.adultwork.com/megansweet+22

This Lady visited us in Edinburgh recently tho I see she's now back in Lewisham-I'm just getting round to clearing my backlog of Festive Frolic Reviews, and this is a visit I wont be forgetting.

I had visited her friend Brianna a few days earlier, and was very happy with the meet.  I therefore had a good idea that Megan would deliver a similarly enjoyable experience. (its perhaps relevant to mention that Id seen some related threads referring to different AW profiles and perhaps some confusion over specific identities. The faces are blurred but all show tall slim girls reporting similar age and characteristics. I'm not one for getting out the toothcomb and getting picky over petty details, but what I will say regarding MeganSweet is that she is certainly the girl pictured on AWs Profile of that name at present)

Booking communications were fine, directions and parking was easy, and the Flat was clean, warm and comfortable. The room had a nice en-suite toilet and shower room, and Megan played the perfect host and was very hospitable. Her English is fine and there were no communication problems.

So, the Host: Megan is tall, with very long legs ... Verging on statuesque. Such a cracking pair of pins, I actually commented on these, and she told me she thought they were too long! Now I'm not tall, so maybe she was being kind to me, or maybe she genuinely doesn't like being above average height, but i think most girls would kill to be gifted with a Classy Carriage like Megan's. Its not restricted to leg length either, this girl has a ripe nubile body in catwalk-model like proportions -A Real Treat!

However, whenever I have a height disagreement with sexy young doll, I have the perfect solution, and deployed the tactic without further delay-get her horizontal!  We had a quick discussion regarding the menu, and Megan was fine with everything I had in mind.

We kicked off with a nice GFE type smooching session. Plenty of intimate French kissing and a good old fashioned roll around like we'd just hooked up at the school disco. Following this, a long 69 session.  I spent a good time savouring this lady's best bits whilst she reciprocated expertly. Full marks to Megan on her oral technique. Also, she was compliant and responsive. She seemed to enjoy herself, and I revelled in the honour of taking this exquisite Lady to orgasm. Delightful.

Smiling and satisfied, Megan turned all attention to me and brought me to full satisfaction with more deep kissing whilst I got a well lubed hand job, and sex in a few positions.  All in all, a very sexy session with satisfaction on both sides. Really very enjoyable, and I'm hoping she'll be back so I can enjoy a repeat visit.    ..Lewisham is a bit of a drive I'm afraid.

Definite Positive from me.
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4 review(s) found for megansweet 22 linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

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