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Author Topic: Notice something similar between Rita 1234 and X New Vanessa X  (Read 403 times)

Offline v0lkof21

I was looking for a punt round kings lynn i've seen a couple of reviews of horny Ritta from a year or two a go https://www.adultwork.com/Horny+Ritta+1234. she seemed legit but this X New Vanessa x profile
//www.adultwork.com/X+NEW+VANESSA+X popped up a couple of months ago and the similarities between the profiles are something that bothers me  does anyone have any info on either?  :)

I visited a Ritta once, she was ok but nothing special.  A few months later I thought I would try again,  I txt her number but had a reply from another which concerned me, I booked a visit at the same house and to my surprise it was another girl.  She was late 30's and we had a brilliant time,  she really was like a girl friend. I visited her once more then she vanished,  I think her name was Ivana and she was Czech does anyone know where she went?

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