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Author Topic: Would this be a service?  (Read 373 times)

More and more im just getting interested in cumming on a girl's face

Reckon any would offer a 15 minute slot for me to turn up and just wank onto their face, no touching required

I know there is the usual pay for my time bollocks but i'm not paying FS rate for a trumped up wank

Should do a reverse bid on AW really to see where the open market sits on this one

Thought we paid for time anyway?

Or was the question does anyone do this cheaper than the 15 minute quickie rate.

Not sure many would be to keen on a facial for a short booking with make up to re apply after each facial. So will cost more for a trumped up wank as you put it.

Have had load of spunk and goes in my time, most are just oral with CIM though not wanking onto some ones face.

Best of luck, my go to one has retired.

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