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Author Topic: Pretty99999 in Uxbridge - Any feedback?  (Read 1271 times)

Offline bungry


Hi, Anybody seen her and be able to describe the B2B service she does?


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Offline Kamaka

actually saw her a couple of weeks ago, sorry didn't have time to report.
Anyway, attractive young Thai girl, friendly, modern clean flat with nice hot shower.
Massage on bed.
Stripped off from the start revealing slim body, and nice tits, kept her pants on at the start but removed them for the body slides.
Nice hand job, and play with tits but nothing more.
Had a special offer on at the time, £80 one hour.

I been to see her a couple of times. description given is accurate.
Nice body and gives a good rub and tug with reverse massage if you ask her.

I've been a couple of times and I reviewed her under her original profile.

Not sure why she changed it but the old profile had clear face photos.


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