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Author Topic: Blue Ice - Birmingham  (Read 2059 times)

Offline denneboom

Has anyone been here recently ?

They have had six girls in on some days this week.

Offline willbred

I haven't been for at least a couple of years, but they always used to have 6 or so girls on. I've lost touch with their site- have they gone through a lean period?
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Trouble is that some of the girls are not up to old traditional Blue Ice standards, with an increasing tendency to EEs. Owner Sam is seldom around now, and, apparently, can't wait to retire out of the place. There's an increasing lack of professionalism, typified by the outgoing voice-mail still, over a month after the event, advising of festive season opening-times. What impression is that supposed to give? Rumour has it that prossy Emily is in the process of buying the shop. If this happens, it'll be full of Romanian-types and drugs ...   . Blue Ice just does not have the "fun" any more, and, atmosphere-wise, it's not a pleasant place to visit, nor to work. Brum is crying out for a new place which recreates some of the best features of the BI of old. The present one has, sadly, had its day.

Offline Westney

Here...Here...ditto my experience, although 'Suki' was the best option on my last visit, the other four 'choices' were EU..sulky and with no interest whatsoever.

Here...Here...ditto my experience, although 'Suki' was the best option on my last visit, the other four 'choices' were EU..sulky and with no interest whatsoever.
Yes, Suki has a gorgeous body, but, having tried her once, quite a time ago now, I failed to make the "connection" which is so important to me, so have not bothered since. This is the point, really: the field of attractive possibilities has been steadily diminishing.

Offline losambo

how about ruby,,,indian girl very cute..is she still there
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Offline Dlights

I went a few weeks ago and saw a lovely girl called Mya.
Blue Ice is a bit of a strange place but I like it. If you haven't been before, you have to wait for a very slow lift before going up to the parlour. It's a bit nerve racking but once inside is an OK location. I did notice that they appear to be refitting the shower but they could with a better toliet for customers.
There can ve anything from 2 to 6 girls working of varying types and appearance. You always get DFK and £10 for OWO.
If you get there at the right time of day then you do get to meet all of the girls one at a time - I find it quite exciting to have a pick of so many girls and usually struggle to make up my mind.
Hope that helps. In my view it's a safe and reliable place if I just need a good shag although I have seen a couple of exceptional girls there out of the 20 or so that I have met.
I dd have a bit of a thing for one of the maids a few years back but she didn't want to play!

Ruby hasn't been available for quite a while now. Tried Mya a couple of weeks ago, in a 2G, and she was definitely above average. Which receptionist is being reminisced about here? Is it the stunning Babes of some years ago? She did, of course, eventually start performing "in the room", and damned good she was, too. Last heard of working for Sharon of The Studio in one of its non-Henrietta Street incarnations. If it's Gee, the Sunday-Girl, I, too, have made polite enquiries about the chances of her progressing to room-service, and received the equally polite (and friendly) answer "no".

Offline losambo

okay.thanx a lot...i dont know where is ruby now...she was a such a good girl..nice tits..and portable ass
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Offline Kerosene

I heard tonight that Tyla Moore is now at Blue Ice.

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