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Author Topic: Stephanie of Allure. Anyone ever seen her?  (Read 619 times)

Offline satiskc3

Anyone has seen Stephanie from Allure agency?

The agency seems to have good reputation here...so that's promising.
I found one review of her on auto-censored (http://www.auto-censored.co.uk/list-reviews/view_public_review.php?eid=203621)
Not sure how reliable that is.

Any info appreciated!  :thumbsup:

Offline boardyhell

i think the reviewer is genuine as i used to be a member on auto-censored,however there is a big big connection between allure and capt 69 so i wouldn't trust all of their reviews
i am not sure she is the best looking girl,one girl who has sterling reviews on allure and saucy london is emma
great reviews anal and swallow
some how she has eluded as she only used to do outcalls on saucy
one for my bucket list ,also take a look at at michelle ,i am sure saw her in a restaurant and she is stunning

Offline satiskc3

to each their own I guess.

Thanks for the info, pal.

Offline boardyhell

auto-censored have just done a review on stephanie ,

Guys, am sure you made an honest mistake but...

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