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Author Topic: Nattasha 25 - Swindon  (Read 1074 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2578131 or https://www.adultwork.com/nattasha%2025

I saw Nattasha for a 2 hour incall at her place in Swindon a few weeks ago on New Years Day.

All very straightforward. I called her early afternoon asking if she could do a booking at 7pm. She speaks reasonable English and arrangements were easily made with her texting the postcode to me straight after. She asked me to confirm 1 hour before arriving which I did by text.


Nattasha is based just south of Swindon Town Centre. I drove but I would say she is within walking distance of the stations. parking is restricted on the surrounding streets but at 7pm on a bank holiday I decided to risk a spot on the street in her road with no problems. Having parked up and made contact by phone, Nattasha guided me to her house and was able to see me approach from her bedroom window.

Nattasha works from a little terraced house. It was a odd place - her bedroom was upstairs but the toilet and shower were downstairs, the toilet being in a little box room off the hallway and the shower shoehorned into a little cubicle in the corner of the kitchen. It all seemed clean enough though the bedroom smelt a bit of stale cigarette smoke.

About Nattasha

Nattasha is a slim long haired brunette Romanian girl in her mid 20s. She had been on my hotlist for some time but I'd been hesitant to visit as I didn't find her face particularly attractive in her photos. Pickings were slim over new year though as a lot of WGs seemed to be away so I decided to give her a chance. I would say that she's better looking in the flesh than in her photos, facially still no stunner but she has a great figure and I'm a sucker for long haired brunettes. She was easy to talk to and I enjoyed her company.


It was a fairly vanilla punt. On entry to the house I was led up to the bedroom. Nattasha was dressed in matching bra and knickers and wearing a see through shirt over the top. We got the paperwork done and I was offered an energy drink which I accepted and downstairs she went to fetch it and stash the cash no doubt.

On her return, we sat for a few minutes chatting while we drank our drinks. She asked if I minded if she smoked which I was fine with as it doesn't bother me. On finishing our drinks, we kissed briefly before she moved over to the bed and asked me to join her.

We continued at first with more kissing. She's a good kisser, not DFK but plenty of tongue action and enthusuastically given. We undressed each other as we kissed. Nattasha then gave me a fairly average massage. From there we moved into covered oral and 69 followed by sex in cowgirl, missionary and doggy.

After a while of this I needed a break and lay back on the bed while Nattasha gave me a handjob followed by another bout of doggy. I was struggling to cum and I decided to finish myself off. Nattasha lay beside me top to tail and spreading her legs began to frig herself off beside me as I wanked and from there I was able to reach over with my other hand and finger her as she did do. What a sight! This did the trick for me, I came and came hard, enough to give myself a facial much to her (and my) amusement. Nattasha cleaned me up while I recovered and we lay cuddling on the bed for a bit before i asked to use the shower, dressed and left.


+ Good comms.
+ Central location
+ Ok looking girl and pleasant company.
- Strange flat - shower is in the kitchen.
- Bedroom smells of smoke
+ Good kisser.
+ Vanilla service.
+ Made me cum so hard I gave myself a facial.

While she won't supplant my regular, the punt did exceed my expectations and I'd rate it as a positive experience.

1 review(s) found for nattasha 21.@ linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline 123Mel456

hahahah sounds like a decent punt if you had two showers, one of your own cum and one in the kitchen, are you sure it wasn't just a strong tap in the kitchen sink hahahah
Cheers for the review, might add her to my 'to do ' list

Offline 123Mel456

she has just posted up some new pix
My god she looks like she has an amazing ass - defo added to the will do list :)

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