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Author Topic: JadaAshley Adultwork in Brighton and Hove  (Read 982 times)

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Offline Polegreat

JadaAshley https://www.adultwork.com/3166111 or https://www.adultwork.com/jadaashley

She didn't have much feedback but I thought screw it, because her pictures are hot as hell. I paid £300 for the hour but for an 18 year old who gave me an experience like I had, it was SO worth it.

Location --- 9/10
A very quaint street in the Kemptown area. Apparently she chose the basement flat because of it's own street entrance, specifically for her clients which I actually feel works very well! The outside is perfectly well kept as well as the interior. It also smelt of a scented candle which was burning in the bedroom. I accepted her offer of a drink because her kitchen was extremely clean.

Communication: 10/10
Immediate reply, address was text to me exactly an hour before the meeting. She seriously has a business head on her which is surprising for an 18 year old girl.

Looks: 10/10, Body: 10/10
+ Curvaceous but fit and skinny
+ She looked quite tanned and didn't wear too much makeup.
+ Adorable voice
+ Body just like her pictures
 x Annoyed at the fact I have nothing bad to comment on, I'm just so happy!!

Experience --- 9/10
+ Amazing blowjob but with a condom. The condom didn't get in the way much for me though because she has incredible deepthroat skills.
+ Offered a drink. Non alcoholic, I don't think she drinks.
+ Smelt of marshmallows which was lovely. She had just washed, shaved and done her hair.
+ No clock watching, we accidently finished about 10 minutes after my time was over. She didn't ask for anything extra but I decided to give her a little tip to say thankyou. (I'm still a newbie, that might be weird etiquette)
x Only negative was condoms for blowjob but I have to say, it didn't hold me back too much.

I would reccomend this WG.  :coolgirl:
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1 review(s) found for jadaashley linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Online bilbo

Nice write up and glad you had a great time but Jesus wept £300 an hour  :scare:

Offline Fagin Again

Does anyone have any idea why this profile is currently "accessing from Latvia"...?
Banning reason: Idiot

Offline Pinwheel

The AW profile doesn't show £300 . ?
I think I smell a rat ,two posts from this person in a day ?????
Banning reason: White knight

Offline Polegreat

My profile is accessing from Latvia o.o
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (Polegreat, KingLou)

Offline MrMatrix

mmmm something seems odd here

Looks bullshit, profile text says does own but prefs and Faqs say not. And those prices, expensive even by expensive Brighton standards. Will be giving this one a miss!

Offline Polegreat

Oh her profile!! I thought you meant my ukpunting one.

Wtf that is a bit weird.. I've seen her twice now and she's British, southern accent.

She could be using a proxy I guess
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Offline Polegreat

Banning reason: Multiple accounts (Polegreat, KingLou)

Offline Polegreat

Screen shot she posted on twitter screencapped. Says she is accesing from NL
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (Polegreat, KingLou)

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